Zodiac Signs

Identifying the Modern Family Character You Resemble the Most, Based on Your Zodiac Sign.

Aries – Claire

You are competitive. You have a short temper. You have a desire to control. However, you are also confident and courageous. You are quick-witted and a hard worker. Like Claire, you have what it takes to run a company and be a good mom.

Taurus – Cameron

You can be possessive, dramatic, and self-indulgent. However, you are warmhearted, loyal, and reliable. You are always there for your loved ones. Like Cameron, you believe family comes first.

Gemini – Lily

You are witty. You are cunning. You are eloquent. Like Lily, you act much older than your age. You are an old soul. You are smarter than anyone realizes.

Cancer – Phil

You are a kid at heart. You are playful. You are fun. Like Phil, sometimes you get into trouble when you listen to your gut instead of your head — but your heart is always in the right place.

Leo – Jay

Since you are a natural born leader, you can come across as bossy and patronizing. However, you have a soft side only select people are allowed to see. Like Jay, you are a hard worker. You are generous. You would do anything to protect the people you care about.

Virgo – Mitchell

Like Mitchell, you would make an excellent lawyer. You are organized and analytical. However, sometimes you get a little too caught up in your work. That is why you need a dreamer to balance you out and help you de-stress, like Cam.

Libra – Haley

You are easygoing. You don’t worry too much about the future. You enjoy the moment. Like Haley, you are charming, flirtatious, and sociable. Everybody loves you.

Scorpio – Dylan

You are passionate. You have a unique sense of humor. And you don’t get intimidated easily. Like Dylan, you go after what you want without stopping to consider the consequences.

Sagittarius – Luke

Your irresponsibility can get you into trouble. However, your good humor makes it easy to forgive you. Like Luke, you are always looking to have a good time. You don’t take life too seriously.

Capricorn – Alex

You might not be the most popular person in the room, but you are the smartest. You have a good head on your shoulders. You hate lying and you love learning. Like Alex, you are destined for success.

Aquarius – Gloria

You are strong. You are independent. You can handle your own conflicts. You can fight your own battles. Like Gloria, you are tough enough to take care of yourself.

Pisces – Manny

You are affectionate. You are artistic. You are authentic. Like Manny, you follow your instincts without worrying about what other people will say. You do not care what they think of you. You only care about following your passions.

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