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This Is Why He’ll Never Forget You, According To Your Zodiac

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Even when you break things off with someone, there is a part of you which always remains inside of them. A part they can never forget, even if they try as hard as possible.

This could be a personality trait of yours or the way you made them feel.

Either way, there is one thing your ex will always remember about you, something which makes you impossible to forget and here is yours, based on your zodiac sign.

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The first thing people remember about you is your outgoing, extrovert personality. And your ex is no exception.

He will never be able to forget all the good times he had with you—all the fun, adventures and excitement.

While this guy was around you, he was constantly going through a roller coaster of emotions and that is something he can’t find with anyone else.

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When it comes to your romantic partners, they don’t have trouble forgetting you as their lover as much as they have a hard time forgetting the fact that you were their best friend as well.

Your ex could always rely on you, no matter what, and that is the thing that can’t be easily forgotten.

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If you belong to this sign, trust me that you are one of the most unforgettable zodiacs.

I am sure that your hot looks may forever stay in the minds of all of your partners but what they will never be able to forget is your mind.

Your ex will always remember your sense of humor and your ability to make every situation interesting. Also, you were the one who challenged him like no other.

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Without a doubt, you know how to love unconditionally and the way you loved all of your exes is something none of them can ever forget.

You are a selfless empath but those guys didn’t know how to appreciate your soft heart while they had you.

But now the situation has changed. Now they see what they lost and they keep searching for you in every other woman.

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You enjoy being the center of attention and you adore the spotlight—there is no doubt about that.

But when people think of you as an egomaniac, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Because even though you love yourself, you also make sure to push the other person forward.

You invest all of your energy into making you and your romantic partner a power couple and you had the ability to inspire your ex into becoming the best possible version of himself.

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A Virgo’s job is to fix broken people. And that is exactly what you were doing with your ex as well.

You were the one who kept saving him from all of life’s problems and who helped him with every difficulty.

And that is just what he’ll miss about you the most—having someone to take care of him and having his back at all times.

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If you belong to this zodiac, you have the ability to always look for the good in people.

You loved your partner the same way at his best and at his worst and you never judged him, even when everyone else did.

And this is something he’ll never forget. After all, you were always the only one who believed in him, even in the situations in which he was about to lose all hope.

The one who saw past his flaws and who loved all of his imperfections.

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Scorpio belongs to one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac and this is exactly the quality your ex will remember you for.

But don’t get me wrong—I am not talking about only s_- here.

Instead, I am talking about your fierceness and passion regarding everything in life.

About the fact that you know how to love with all of your heart and how you always go all in.

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The thing your ex will never forget is your desire to explore. But I am not just talking about your adventurousness when it comes to searching out new places and people.

I am talking about the fact that he’ll always remember the way you challenged him and made him discover new things about himself.

The way you were the only person who uncovered all of the layers of his soul and the only one who reached all of the depths of his heart.

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You are trustworthy and reliable. Even though people love this about you, the truth is that these qualities of yours have a habit of backfiring on you.

This is exactly what happened with your ex.

He got used to having you around to lead him through life and he became completely passive, without taking any responsibility for his existence.

And that is what he misses about you the most—having a mother who guides him and takes care of all of his problems.

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The thing your ex will never forget about you is your honesty. You despise lying and you are someone who always tells the truth, no matter how harsh and painful it is.

When it comes to your ex, you were the only person who always told him how things were and who had the ability to make him look reality straight in the eye.

The only one who had the ability to made him deal with his shit and to stop running away from his problems and pretending like they were non-existent.

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It’s simple—you make everyone’s life more beautiful on all levels. Your creative and romantic sides are your most unforgettable qualities and they are what your ex will remember about you the most.

He’ll never forget how you paid attention to the small things and the way you always found a way to surprise him when he least expected it.

But most of all, he’ll never forget how you were always making sure he felt special and worthy of your love, even when that wasn’t the case.

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