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How to Take Advantage of This Influence, Depending on Your Zodiac Sign

The influence of Mercury returns in December 2022, and we will feel a rather strong impact, right from the beginning of the month.

Mercury arrives in the sign of Capricorn on December 6 and, from this day until February 11, 2023, we live under the strong influence of the planet of communication and thinking.

From December 6, the transit will be direct in Capricorn, but then Mercury will begin a retrograde phase again on December 29, until January 18 of the new year. Therefore, during this retrograde, we will feel influenced by the slowing down of career progress and confusion in our ambitions.

But, until then, let’s enjoy the beneficial aspects of Mercury’s transit in Capricorn from December 6 to 29, when we will receive good communication from the planet Mercury, but also the seriousness of Capricorn!

The influence of Mercury in Capricorn for all signs

It is possible to feel these changes at any time during the month, so go with the flow and see where the current takes you.


The strong influence is felt in your communication sector from December 10, which could bring a climax. It can be a turning point or a transition around an intellectual plan or project. You could publish your ideas or even travel around this date.


The area of ​​money is targeted, which could bring a salary increase, a new job offer, or a client. Or it could cause you to leave behind an income. Great care in administrative matters!


Mercury is your ruler, so you will feel its impact the strongest, especially when we talk about Capricorn, a sign so different from you. This can bring a moment of reference for you, as you assert yourself and see the culmination of an important personal goal. Relationships can also be related to this plan.


Mercury targets your partnership area, so be very careful in communicating with colleagues, and superiors, but also your lover/husband and family. A secret or hidden matter could also appear in the week after Mercury enters Capricorn.


This transit will bring about a change in your priorities. You will realize that you want to dedicate more time to socialize. You will probably participate in a fabulous event in the days surrounding this transit and you could even see an opportunity to move towards an important stage that you have been waiting for some time.


From December to January, you are extremely concerned about the love area. If you are looking for the right partner, you will have more opportunities ahead. Mercury’s transit also targets the children’s home, so if you are ready for this step, you might receive good news about the expansion of the family!


In your case, the family sector is well-aspected, especially when it comes to communication with loved ones. In December, you have the chance to resolve older conflicts and share things that affect you, with the aim of solving them. And you succeed!


You become more relaxed and detached from the professional area and put your personal life first. This will bring more luck in love, fertility, and creativity for you. If you are single, there is a chance that in December you will meet a soulmate or fall in love.


An astral influence in your area of ​​productivity appears on December 7, after Mercury enters Capricorn. This could bring a climax or a change in your job, daily routine, or physical health. The money area is also well laid out, so you can expect important transactions.


Mercury transits your sign, which means that it will emphasize certain traits, such as seriousness and fairness. You can now discuss plans, establish new directions and sign agreements, both personally and professionally. Attention, the beneficial influence lasts until December 29, because after the relegation you will have to resume certain discussions.


The December 6 transit targets your subconscious, bringing a turning point, a climax, or an end around matters related to desires and expectations. Practically, it is the ideal time to demonstrate, until December 29. Whatever you want can become reality!


Mercury in Capricorn targets the area of ​​friendships and collaborations. Whatever you communicate reaches the targeted person exactly, you are listened to and taken into account! Make sure you use this cosmic luck to build the life of your dreams, based on the connections you have!

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