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Today we want to find out if you are in one of the five positions among the most transparent zodiac signs of the whole horoscope. Will you be there too or will you be truly inscrutable?

How many times have you happened to know someone who, after less than five minutes of talking, told you all his lifedeath, and miracles?
(Obviously in a manner of speaking: if someone were able to tell you about his death you should at least worry a little).

Today we have decided to draw up the horoscope ranking that deals with the zodiac signs most used to show what they think. Do you think you are in the rankings? Let’s find out now (so you will also know how to deal with the other zodiac signs)!

The most transparent zodiac signs of the horoscope: find out if you are in today’s ranking

There are some people who, no matter how long they’ve known you, can’t help but be truly transparent.
Maybe they are just used to talking and telling or they still can’t help but make it clear what their intentions are with respect to you and others. How do you say? Don’t you feel like you know anyone who does this? But won’t you be one of the most ” transparent ” people in your circle of acquaintances, then?

Today we have decided that we want to discover the horoscope ranking of all those signs that are really easy to ” read ” … almost like an open book! Maybe you will find that you are in the rankings (and you will be able to take action ) or you will come across some signs you know and understand why they behave this way.

Here are the five most transparent and clear signs of the whole horoscope. Are you sure you are not in the rankings… for the right reasons?

Cancer: fifth place

Cancer is in fifth place in our ranking today because, from this point of view, they can be considered really… strange!
Not only is Cancer one of the clearest signs of the horoscope but we can also put it in the ranking of the most ” false ” signs.

Cancer, in fact, is very capable of pretending … even if not for too long! This is a very clear sign of her likes and dislikes of him: when she wants to pretend, it is often her attitudes and expressions of him that “betray” him. Too ” clear ” for Cancer to get away with!

Scorpio: fourth place

If Scorpio‘s expressions or actions could speak… they would tell you exactly what you read on his face. Without some problems, in fact, Scorpio is one of those signs capable of facing anything head-on: difficult situations, emotions, and even people!

That’s why they are in today‘s horoscope ranking: there is no one (or almost) more transparent than them, they always have everything written on their faces!

Virgo: third place

Virgo can also be considered one of the most transparent signs of the horoscope. Their goals and ideas are always practical, clear, and direct. Woe to those who get between them and the result! Virgo is one of those signs that have absolutely no problem saying things as they are, after having obviously and adequately thought about them.

In any case, however, despite his efforts, it is often clear what Virgo thinks or believes.
If you have any doubts, just look at who was born under this sign while he is alone: ​​his face will tell you everything!

Aries: second place

If you want to know what an Aries thinks of you, you have nothing to do but look him directly in the face. Aries, in fact, is one of those signs that, truly, cannot help but show what he thinks: it’s all written on his face of him!

Aries is one of those signs that, for better or for worse, will always be clear and transparent. His actions and his way of doing him certainly will not be able to deceive almost anyone: it is Aries himself who wants others to know exactly what he thinks!

As often as he tries to mask his true feelings, Aries is practically a real open bookAries is, underneath, one of the most transparent signs of the zodiac despite his will: since he has many opinions, Aries would like to keep them all to himself. But he simply can’t do it!

Taurus: first place in the ranking of the most transparent zodiac signs

They are often spontaneous and clear without the need for any input and for this reason we have decided to put them at the top of our horoscope rankingWho are we talking about? But simply of all those born under the sign of Taurus! Taurus is a sign that he has no problem saying what he wants when he wants it and how he wants it.

More transparent than that, really, we wouldn’t know how to show you, anyone! Taurus is one of those signs that can hardly suppress a mood, a feeling, a joke, or even just a look or a smile.
For them, in fact, every expression is almost always punctually involuntary: they don’t even know they are doing it!

The Taurus is one of the signs that, then, cares more about his public image given how little it is possible for him to control it.
This is the most transparent sign of the horoscope: try to have a conversation with him, asking him questions on the most intimate topic. The Taurus will always and invariably respond without any problems!

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