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Find out what it’s like to date men based on their zodiac sign. The opinion of the stars sign by sign.

When you have to go out with someone, the thoughts about it are many and the anxieties grow in proportion to the expectations and the degree of interest you have for that particular person. Each man has strictly personal characteristics that can make the first outing together more or less interesting. Knowing a few of them can help you manage your first date better. In this way, you will not have disappointed expectations but you will be able to read a little better between the lines, even managing to improve an output that otherwise might not be perfect.

After seeing what is the part of us to always preserve and what needs to be done to improve one’s life, let’s find out what it’s like to go out with the men of the zodiac. As always, the advice is to also check the profile of the ascendant of the sign with which you want to go out to have more possibilities to predict what awaits us.

Here’s what it might be like to date a man for the first time based on his zodiac sign

Aries – Energizing
The Aries man is usually a person who loves to get involved and who in life tends to experience everything possible by diving into the void more often than you might think. Dating such a person can therefore be like an adrenaline rush. If it intends to amaze it will do so by trying to create high expectations with something really special. Likewise, he may choose to stall and try to figure out who is upfront first. In any case, dating an Aries man will always be an interesting and worthwhile experience.

Taurus – Warm
The first outing with someone born under the sign of Taurus? Certainly warm. It is a person who always cares about others and their well-being. The problem arises when the kind and respectful ways of doing things are more linked to the pleasure of making those in front of them feel good rather than to a sincere interest. For the rest, a first outing will always have something romantic or at least warm and this applies both to the ways of doing things and to the choice of how to spend the moment. It is therefore an experience that those who are romantic will particularly appreciate but which will be pleasant for practically anyone, especially in the face of interest.

Gemini – Funny
The Gemini man is a person who loves being among people and therefore is used to dealing with different people. It is therefore likely that he knows how to put at ease and that in doing so he can even be funny. A date with a man of this sign certainly implies a certain amount of fun that will be made even more vivid by his way of keeping the conversation alive and making every moment enjoyable. Dating together will leave a good memory beyond how the relationship will proceed. And who knows, in the absence of a romantic transport, a beautiful friendship cannot be born anyway.

Cancer – Particular
The Cancer man, when it comes to going out, can be quite unpredictable. While he knows how to show his gallant side, he may prefer something more down-to-earth so that he can study the person he is interested in before taking important steps. For this reason, predicting what dating will be like can be difficult. For sure, there will be a certain transport and kindness will always be in the foreground. Be careful, however, because it is a very sensitive zodiac sign and a wrong word could do more damage than you think. That said, a single exit will be enough to understand what you are getting into.

Leo – Unidirectional
The need to always feel at the center of attention makes the Leo man a person capable of monopolizing even an entire evening. From a first outing together we can therefore expect to discover many things about him and everything because he will not stop talking about himself for a single moment. On the other hand, it must be said that he knows how to attract attention, being interesting, brilliant, and, if he wants it, able to charm. The success of the evening, therefore, depends, at least in part, on the listening skills of those who decide to go out together and on the desire to be in turn at the center of attention. On the podium, you know, there is only room for one at a time.

Virgo – Intimistic Virgo
man isn’t exactly socialized. For this reason, the first date with the two could be extremely reserved and, consequently, very suitable for getting to know each other better. Usually, he shows himself to be a good listener and can appear a little too silent and this happens because he is used to studying whoever is in front of him to get a more precise idea of ​​them. Whether it’s a trip to the park, a dinner, or an afternoon at the cinema, feeling a sense of intimacy will be as simple as the feeling of being somehow under scrutiny. Fortunately, apart from this, the rest will flow quite calmly, especially in the presence of common tastes or passions.

Libra – Elegant
The Libra man loves to put others at ease and at the same time has a great ability to make every possible meeting situation pleasant. The first outing with a native of the sign will therefore always be very pleasant and marked by something beautiful and relaxing. There will also be the elegance that could be expressed through the chosen location, the way of dressing, or the gestures that will characterize the exit. For sure it will be a pleasant experience and able to say a lot about who you are in front of. At the same time, it will be easier to get an idea of ​​the possible compatibility of character and how much sense a second meeting can make.

Scorpio – Fascinating
Going out with a Scorpio man always has something special and this is because he is almost always a reserved and sometimes mysterious person. Having to deal with a man like this will give the evening a certain charm which will also be joined by a sense of complicity that blends well with the ability that a native of the sign always has in putting others at ease. In short, whatever the expectation, it is appropriate to prepare for a surprise effect because the characteristic of Scorpio is to make every moment together special. It will certainly be a difficult exit to forget.

Sagittarius – Adventurous
The Sagittarius man always gives a pinch of adventure to every encounter, especially if it is the first and the desire to get to know the other person is particularly strong. By immediately inserting what is part of his world in the output for two, it allows him to better understand who he is in front of and to grasp any compatibility in lifestyle as well as in character. Going out with a man of this sign will therefore certainly be special and perfect if you love adventure and the possibility of having new experiences even simply by going out for dinner.

Capricorn – Surprising
The Capricorn man is usually a hard worker and for this reason, he always tends to show himself as an extremely serious and staid person. This means that in an outing for two you find yourself dealing with important topics immediately and all with a certain basic seriousness. Fortunately, this is combined with an innate ability to put those in front of you at ease. Moreover, if in turn at ease, he could even let himself go to some confidence or some moments of openness that can make him suddenly appear different. A detail that in some cases can make the difference by setting off the spark. In short, dating a Capricorn man is certainly an important experience to do.

Aquarius – Weird
Dating an Aquarius man is undoubtedly weird. This depends on his way of experiencing things and perceiving the world around him. When he is out with someone, in fact, the Aquarius man suddenly finds himself out of his element and this makes him appear more reserved than ever. It cannot be excluded that those who live alone can leave immediately with an invitation to their home and all just to feel in their comfort zone. As for the rest, there will certainly be fun and topics to deal with because when the natives of the sign want to be able to be brilliant. For sure his intentions will be immediately understood because if he does not try to conclude the release as soon as possible then it will mean that he is involved.

Pisces – Special
Dating a Pisces man is always a one-of-a-kind experience. It is a strongly empathic and also romantic sign. This means that they will always try to understand what the other person wants, offering them an experience that is sure to be pleasant and one to remember. Beyond how things can go, moreover, the native of Pisces tends to maintain a pleasant way of doing and can turn out to be a good friend or, obviously, an excellent companion with whom to embark on a path of knowledge. Which if he wants to do, he will immediately reveal with looks and phrases that are not at all obvious. All for an experience certainly not to be forgotten.

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