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How To Show Him How Much He Means To You, According To Your Zodiac Sign


(March 21 – April 20)
Because you have such a strong personality, people can see you as aggressive and selfish.

Unfortunately, these people will never really get to know you. When it comes to the love of your life, show your sensitive side by putting him first. You like to be first in everything you do, and it may be hard for you to put that aside and think about his needs. Making him a priority in your life will show him that he is important to you and that you have a sensitive side and kindness that others don’t see.


(April 21 – May 21)
You are a very loving and sensitive person, so showing your sensitive side is not too difficult for you as it is for other signs.

But sometimes your stubbornness can make you seem difficult to approach. Show your sensitive side by giving her a shoulder to lean on. Whether he just wants to talk, express his feelings, or needs someone to help him, knowing you’re there supporting him means a lot to him. Plus, this sensitive side of you will show him that even though you can be stubborn, you’ll always make yourself available to those who mean a lot to you.


(May 22 – June 21)
Some of Gemini’s best qualities are their friendly nature and how much fun they can be.

When you’re surrounded by people you care about, you’re incredibly kind, generous, and sweet. When it comes to love and relationships, intimacy scares you a little and can make you close in on yourself. Another quality of yours is how great you are at communication. That being said, sometimes you can talk a little too much. If you want to show him that you are sensitive and that he means a lot to you, talk less and listen more. When you listen to him, you give him a chance to open up and build a stronger bond with you. In addition, learning to listen and communicate constructively will make the unpleasant moments in your relationship easier to manage.


(June 22 – July 21)
You are more sensitive than anyone might imagine, so you can open up to them more than other signs.

You’re incredibly bouncy and caring, and you’re always looking for ways to show the people you love that you care about them. However, when it comes to love, you are quite reserved, at least at first. If you want to show him that you have a sensitive side and that you care about him, you should take some risks. Showing her your vulnerable side can be scary, but also rewarding.


(July 22 – August 22)
You have immense confidence in yourself, you know that.

You are the fearless leader that everyone needs in their lives. And you also like to have an answer for everything. When it comes to love, your confident attitude and assertive nature can be very sexy traits. But when it comes to revealing your sensitive side and showing her how much she means to you, you have to let go of all that. It’s okay not to know what’s going on all the time. Your sensitive side means admitting that you don’t know everything and sometimes letting him be in control too.


(August 23 – September 22)
You like your life exactly the way it is right now.

Everything you have done to get where you are today is due to your hard work and perfection. Even when it comes to love, you like everything to be perfect. So much so that the person next to you might think that all you want is to control them, not spend time with them. Revealing your sensitive side means not managing everything yourself. Learn to let things be as they are and enjoy them even when they are chaotic. Showing him that you can let go of trying to control things that can’t be controlled shows that you can enjoy life with him and that he means a lot to you.


(September 23 – October 22)
Being one of the most romantic signs, you have a pair of pink glasses that you always keep on your nose.

You love to see all the beauty in the world and rightfully so. Life is magical and you have the right mindset. If you want to show her your sensitive side and that she means a lot to you, keep it up. Love, be romantic and charming, but don’t always stay in this dream. Sometimes you can get too caught up in the fantasy, forgetting to live the reality of your relationship.


(October 23 – November 21)
You’re one of those signs that don’t show its vulnerabilities too easily.

But just because you choose to protect yourself like this doesn’t mean you don’t have a sensitive side, it just means you’re hiding it. If you want to open up more to the person next to you or if you need to do it, you will have to be completely honest and show your true self. That means letting your guard down, being honest with how you feel, and opening up emotionally. That’s the only way you’ll show him that he means a lot to you.


(November 22 – December 21)
When you first meet someone, you’re charming and funny because you know people respond best to that side of you.

But, joking and flirting can also be a kind of defense mechanism that you turn to until you are sure that the one in front of you is right for you. Revealing your sensitive side doesn’t mean giving up the great parts of you, like your humor and the ability to win anyone over, but it does mean showing other sides of you. Show her that you are sensitive and gentle and that you mean a lot by not being afraid to be deep, passionate, and talk openly about intimate things.


(December 22 – January 19)
Some people might consider you picky because you choose the people you spend your time and energy with carefully.

But when you want something or someone, you don’t take your eyes off the prize until you get it. While he loves this attitude of yours, you should make sure it’s not the only side he sees. Show him you’re sensitive, even if it means slowing down. Yes, you’re not the type to stop and smell the roses, but you’ll prove to him that you’re happy with him even when there’s no end goal. Sometimes he needs this confirmation.


(January 20 – February 18)
You are a mysterious and slightly different person, and that keeps him in suspense.

But after a certain point, it seems like you don’t want to let him into your world. Although it may be difficult for you to show your sensitive side to him, it is imperative if you want to keep him with you. I know you’d rather not, but you have to let your guard down. Show him that you can be emotionally available to him and honest about your feelings and he’ll be yours forever.


(February 19 – March 20)
You’re another zodiac sign that has no problem revealing your sensitivity and vulnerabilities.

For you, showing your sensitive side is a sign of strength. You embrace it and accept it instead of hiding it and she will admire you for it. That said, you won’t go to any lengths to hide your true self, but that doesn’t mean you’ll play the victim to make someone feel sorry for you. Being honest with yourself and with him is the greatest proof of love.

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