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2023: Who You Were In A Past Life, According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you believe in astrology, you most likely believe in reincarnation. And the truth is — your zodiac sign can actually be used to gain insight into who you may have been in a past life. While the idea of living multiple lives can be difficult to grasp, many religions and new age followers embrace this concept, and discovering what your life might have looked like many moons ago can help you to understand yourself on a deeper level in the present tense.

So — who were you in a past life? We’ve outlined it below!

Aries: An Army Leader

Aries — with your strong leadership abilities, fearless determination, and unwavering willpower, you would have made an excellent army leader who played a vital role in combat. Like an  Aries, army leaders are not easily discouraged and will persist when it comes to their goals, even when they are coming up against strong opposition. With that being said, if you had better control over your temper and impulsiveness, your natural leadership skills and wisdom could have even made you a successful ruler of the world.

Taurus: An Artist

Taurus — in your past life you were ruled by Aries, and you likely possessed a great deal of energy, willpower, and creativity. These are traits that would have helped you to create beauty in the world around you, and because of that you were most likely an artist many moons ago. Taurians value comfort, luxury, elegance, and art, which were not as readily available in the past. Your strong sense of aesthetics suggests that you may have been a successful artist in a previous life, creating works that inspired others, while helping them to access that kind of inspiration in a time where it was needed the most.

Gemini: A Celebrity

Gemini — as one of the most sociable signs of the zodiac and someone who easily attracts others without trying, it is likely that you were involved in show business in a past life. Geminis are known for being creative, energetic, and intelligent, and have a magnetic quality that draws people towards them. Because of this, you were likely popular and widely adored, and could have spent your past life living in luxury as a celebrity.

Cancer: A Preschool Teacher

Cancers are known for their selfless nature and tendency to help others, which is why it is possible that you may have been a preschool teacher in a past life. Your sharp mind, adaptability, tactfulness, and patience are qualities that make you well-suited for working with children. You have a kindness to you that permeates others, and makes the world a better place. Children probably felt safe in your energy, and this is why you were most likely in a position of soft leadership with them in your past life.

Leo: A Writer

Leo — with your abundance of creative ideas and an awe-inspiring ability to express your emotions effectively, both verbally and in writing, it is likely that you were a writer in a past life. As a Leo, you are always aware of what you want and know how to achieve it. Your cheerful disposition, creative thinking, and self-assured attitude would have inspired you to write memorable pieces in the past, while your social nature would have guaranteed the interest of others in your extravagant ramblings.

Virgo: A Scientist

Virgo — given your ability to analyze, deduce, and think critically in your daily life, it is highly likely that you were a scientist many moons ago. Your thoughts, ideas, and unique perspectives have likely contributed to groundbreaking innovations. Your attention to detail and analytical thinking would have made you an excellent researcher, with a goal of improving the lives of others.

Libra: A Judge

Libra — it is not surprising that, with your strong desire to bring justice, balance, harmony, and peace to the world, you were likely a judge in a past life. This is a perfect fit for Libra individuals, who are selfless in their pursuit of peace and harmony and who have a strong love for people. As a judge, you would have always strived to do the right thing, and you would have been well-trusted and admired by your peers and those in your jurisdiction.

Scorpio: An Assassin

Scorpio — your personality is characterized by manipulation, secrecy, and diplomacy, and because of that, you were most likely a hired assassin in a past life. Scorpios may appear calm and collected, but they have a dangerous and ruthless side when provoked. They can be merciless when carrying out a task, and often feel no remorse when they put their mind to the things they are trying to achieve. However, before you take this to heart — it is important to note that it is not appropriate to act on any violent or illegal ideas in the present. Leave your past life in the past, Scorpio.

Sagittarius: A Warrior

Sagittarius — freedom is a highly valued concept for you and in past lives where slavery, war, and poverty were prevalent, you were likely a warrior who fought against oppression. You have a desire for adventure and would have been motivated to fight for a cause. In addition to physical battle, you may have also been a warrior in the intellectual realm, acting as an activist. Your optimism and bravery would have inspired many people to improve their lives, and you were most likely highly respected in your social circles due to your character.

Capricorn: A CEO

Capricorn — you possess a work ethic that is unmatched by other zodiac signs. Your daily focus is on working, achieving goals, building business connections, and closing deals. Your logical, rational and level headed approach to life allows you to get things done, and you don’t give up until you reach your goals. This is why you were likely a CEO in a past life, as this is a role that aligns with your natural talents and your unwavering drive to succeed.

Aquarius: A Psychiatrist

Aquarius — because your past life is associated with Capricorn, you likely possessed the Goat’s cool, rational, and patient approach to people and situations and would have made a great psychiatrist. Your kind heart, humanitarian nature, and desire to help others would have driven you to this profession. As the thinker of the zodiac, you were able to see problems in people that others overlooked and your ability to think long-term allowed you to excel in your job, accurately diagnosing, treating and curing your patients.

Pisces: A Philosopher

Pisces— because your past life is associated with Aquarius, you likely had a strong inclination towards making your own rules and pursuing discoveries that benefited humanity. You were probably a philosopher with a unique perspective on the world, who sought to make it a better place for all. Your constant desire for knowledge and your ability to understand a wide range of subjects would have made you an excellent, well respected thinker many moons ago.

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