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A popular astrological compatibility theory suggests that opposite signs (or in other words, signs that are directly across from each other on the Zodiac Wheel) often make great couples. The logic behind this theory is due to their differences, which makes the duo compatible in love because of (rather than in spite of) the contrast. They have a bizarre way of creating balance within the relationship, acting as a mirror to the other.

Could the cliche that opposites attract have some truth to it after all? We may never know, but with all that said, here are the six opposites-attract astrological pairings—you can be the judge on whether or not to believe the hype.

Leo + Aquarius

When Leo and Aquarius learn to blend their opposing elements, they are truly a dynamic duo. Aquarians are unapologetically their quirky and interesting selves. They are comfortable being vulnerable and letting the world see them for who they truly are. Leos are afraid to let others see their messy parts they hide behind closed doors. Aquarius encourages Leo to wear its heart on their sleeve and let people see their soft, vulnerable side.

Virgo + Pisces

Virgo and Pisces bring new perspectives to one another, along with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to the acts of giving and receiving. Their excellent communication skills work well with each other, making it easy to hash out any issues by finding a solution together as one. While Virgo tends to live by the books, Pisces embodies a spiritual, guru-seeking daydreamer. Together, the two opposing signs have a great amount of wisdom to teach the other. Virgo enlightens Pisces on proper and formal etiquette while Pisces gently suggests Virgo take a spiritual retreat and dream big.

Taurus + Scorpio

Taurus, an Earth sign, tends to place a stronger emphasis on self-pleasure and basking in the richness of life, while the Water sign Scorpio feels strongly compelled to unite with another for the sole purpose of conjoining forces to create a union of pleasure and indulgence. Scorpio is able to help Taurus out of its small-minded way of thinking to create a deeper sense of togetherness. On the other end of the spectrum, Taurus’s timid nature lets Scorpio know that nothing is wrong with passion and closeness in a relationship.

Aries + Libra

When these two are under each other’s spell, they are easily able to work together and create a harmonious balance between the self and others. Aries is the fiery, headstrong force, whereas Libra seeks a go with the flow kind of approach to most things. Aries will be sure to shake things up in the relationship while Libra does what Libra does best: overthink everything. A happy ending for this duo scenario would be that Libra helps Aries chill out a bit by letting go of their tight grip on needing control all the time. Aries shows Libra all the glory that being the spotlight entails and teach them to start telling it how it is.

Gemini + Sagittarius

Gemini and Sagittarius will waste no time bonding over their undying curiosity to know more. Both signs are adventurous and dream of traveling the world. Together, life is one big never-ending adventure they tackle together. While Gemini remains focused on the minor details, Sagittarius looks at the overall bigger picture. Together, they’re virtually unstoppable.

Cancer + Capricorn

Cancer and Capricorn are both cardinal signs of leadership, which creates a truly unique dynamic when paired together. When it comes to love and family matters, both signs are highly conservative and are able to find common ground rather easily. Capricorn and Cancer embody an undeniable yin-yang vibe that cannot be duplicated. What one has, the other lacks, and vice versa. Capricorn tends to live through logic, hard facts, and data while the intuitive Cancer prefers taking the less scientific route instead. Capricorns have more trouble expressing their emotions openly while Cancers are sensitive and romantic. Like all true polar opposites, each has what the other wants or needs.

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