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Do you also know a person who can’t help but always have a drama going on? Well, then you know very well who we are talking about when we name the zodiac signs always in crisis: we hope you are not in the ranking, though!

If something can go wrong, says one of Murphy’s very famous  Laws, it will.
Here, this could be the motto of a certain typology of people (and, therefore, also of zodiac signs) who just can’t manage to be always … in crisis.

One day it is for one reason, the next is for another and when it happens that the crisis does not exist you can be sure that they will create it in some way.
You already understand who we are talking about, right? Well, then we just have to find out if you are in today’s horoscope ranking!

The zodiac signs always in crisis: let’s check together today’s horoscope ranking

But what does it mean to be a person always in crisis?
If you do not know even one are two options: you could be a very person lucky or you might be you that “always in crisis” among your group of friends and acquaintances!

Don’t worry, though: our horoscope ranking for today will help us understand who the zodiac signs are always in crisis so that you can spot them among friends and relatives.

What then, let’s face it, as soon as you read “crisis” you immediately thought of that person who does nothing but complain but who as soon as he solves a problem runs straight into the coils of another.
Why not ask him to sign it before checking the ranking of today?

Libra: fifth place

More than a crisis, when we talk about Libra, we must talk about protagonism. Yes, dear Libra, you know very well that you have a certain tendency to this mania that often leads you to dominate conversations with other people.

How do you always have a monopoly on the attention of others? But thanks to the crisis, of which you are kings and queens!
You are always in the midst of an existential crisis: it seems impossible (and it is) but you always tell it like this!

Virgo: fourth place

Those born under the sign of Virgo are entitled to a place in the ranking of the zodiac signs always in crisis.
This is a particularly down-to-earth and very practical sign, so it seems strange to us to find it here and yet it is.

Every Virgo is always, constantly, looking for a solution to a problem … that does not exist!
Accustomed as they are to trying to find perfection everywhere, those born under the sign of Virgo create crisis almost by default. Be careful with them!

Aquarius: third place

Engagements? Has anyone talked about commitments, pressures, races, things to do for others? If so, this is the right place: we are in the third position of today’s ranking, the one occupied by those born under the sign of Aquarius!

L ‘ Aquarium is a sign that he knows to be too full of everyone’s problems, as well as its course. This does not stop him, however, and the Aquarius continues to load themselves with dramas, problems, crises (precisely) without stopping.
The result? The Aquarium never has a moment to pull the breath away and is always completely overwhelmed with things to do. It seems that only they can solve all the problems in the world!

Gemini: second place

Dear Gemini, you are in the ranking of the zodiac signs always in crisis for one reason and one reason only: you have not the faintest idea of ​​what you want!
One morning you wake up with a desire and at lunchtime you have already changed your mind: take a road, only to remain still after a few meters to ask yourself if it would not have been better to go in the opposite direction.

In short, you know very well what we are talking about and we understand each other: always be in crisis, always find the problems is the best way to justify your continuing confusion!
The Twins are unable to make a decision mainly because they want everything and effortlessly shame that not be possible!

Your choices (or non-choices, dear Gemini ) lead you into a situation of constant crisis, which all the people who love you and who surround you suffer from!

Aries: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs always in crisis

If there is anyone who needs drama, gossip, and crises to move forward in everyday life, that someone is Aries.
No, no, dear Aries, don’t start pretending you don’t know what we’re talking about: behind your angelic air there is a real devil, you know it well!

For Aries, being in a crisis is essential: they feel bad if there isn’t a little drama in their life!
For this reason, therefore, the Aries live everything as an insurmountable rock and mount real castles on minimal bases.

What happens next? Simple! The Aries live a life of strong emotions because they are forced to live it, trying to transform even the smallest things into a real nineteenth-century Russian drama, complete with episodes to follow in the newspaper (or to tell on the phone to increasingly confused friends. and exasperated ).

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