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Are you envious? And if so, how much? Find out based on your zodiac sign.

Envy is an ugly beast, capable of sucking energy by leading people to study the lives of others without taking care of their own anymore. Many times you lose time envying someone’s successes, crying on yourself, when instead it would be much more constructive to try to achieve the same successes by working hard. Often the envious person cannot see beyond, limits himself to appearances, and forgets to notice what is around him and for which he could be envied in turn. Of course, there is also a positive type of envy, the one that spurs and aims to become the best version of oneself. However, these are a few exceptions. The most widespread is in fact the classic envy and it is also the one we will deal with today, trying to understand how envious each sign is.
Here we are, therefore, to deal with a way of being that nobody likes but which unfortunately characterizes many more people than you think. As always, when it comes to a way of being, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant in order to have a clearer picture. Are you ready?

Find out your natural level of envy based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Moderately Envious
Your envy arises when you feel threatened by thinking that someone might appear better than you. In these cases, you start to get defensive, thinking of a strategy that can bring you back to the top position. For you, in fact, what matters is to always be the first, whatever the topic. Sometimes, the envy you feel can then act as a spur, but when it becomes excessive it is able to bring out the worst in you, which is why it is good to start working on it in order to better live these situations.

Taurus – Almost Not Envious
Your envy is almost never negative unless you involve feelings. If the person you like is committed to another, at that point, in fact, you are envious of the one who is in effect a rival for you. A problem linked in particular to your jealousy. By removing this, however, you are undoubtedly a person who finds himself envying others and who aims more to stay focused on what she has and on how to get what she wants instead.

Gemini – Not at all envious
Envy does not belong to you at all and everything simply because you don’t usually care about what others do. For you what matters is to have what you want from life and if you don’t have it, you prefer to use your energy to try to get what you want. A vision of things that allows you not to experience one of the most annoying feelings that there are and which, for this reason, makes you a person who is always ready to help others in a genuine and selfless way.

Cancer – Extremely envious
As good as you are at hiding it, you have a highly envious disposition. Your envy is expressed above all in personal relationships where it mixes with jealousy creating a lethal mix both for you who feel it and for those who are at the center of your attention. A situation that over time can become really unsustainable, coming out into the open. This is why you should try hard to work on it so that you can distinguish things well thus avoiding unnecessary suffering.

Leo – Alternately
It can be said that your envy is closely linked to particular situations and how you feel when you live them. For this reason you can turn out to be both a very envious person and one who is not at all. If you already feel that you are at the height of your success, you can sincerely rejoice in those who have a good time as long as this does not overshadow you. In that case, in fact, envy and the need for revenge will be the first to emerge, immediately leading you to take action to rebalance things.

Virgo – Only towards those who are better than you
Your envy is of a pessimistic kind. More than envying others, you tend to use their successes to discredit yourself and feel inferior. Over time, this can lead you to even feel resentment towards those who seem to do better in life than you. A good way to try and sort it out? Strive to turn envy into something healthy that can motivate you to give more and everything without hitting on you.

Libra – A slight and often invisible
envy If you feel envy you are the only one who knows. Your polite ways, in fact, prevent you from revealing it and you often tend to hide it even from yourself. Fortunately, this happens very rarely. In life, in fact, you tend to look more at your own garden, deliberately ignoring what happens in that of others and using your energies to improve your life in order to make it pleasant and harmonious according to your tastes.

Scorpio – Very envious
Your need to always live at your best and to always have more of what you have leads you inevitably to envy those who have as much as you want. A feeling that when there is more than obvious and that can even make those who are receiving it uncomfortable. Luckily, you also have enough intuition to recognize your bad moments by trying to work on them. After all, it is enough for you to get what you want for envy to wear off.

Sagittarius – Definitely Unenvious
Your envy level is really low and when there is it is more about wanting to own the same items you’ve seen someone else. It is therefore an easily circumvented and solvable envy that you often turn into something good, committing yourself to making sure that what you want actually becomes yours, leading you to be envied rather than the other way around.

Capricorn – With moderate envy
Envy is a feeling that you rarely experience and when it does it is always in a moderate way. Your self-control prevents you from going down to certain levels and guarantees you a certain calm even in the darkest moments. It is therefore a marginal problem, which barely touches you and which you always know how to solve in the best possible way.

Aquarius – With a rational type of envy
You know envy well but you are not affected in any way by it. When you try it, in fact, you immediately tend to rationalize it with the aim of eliminating it as soon as possible. In this way you are able to process conflicting feelings and emotions until you get rid of them completely to proceed with your peaceful life. After all, some feelings aren’t really for you.

Pisces – Almost not envious
You are undoubtedly one of the least envious signs of the zodiac. In fact, your empathy leads you to feel joy for the successes of others. When you happen to catch something that you would like too, you take note of it and start working on it. Your envy, therefore, even when it shows up is completely positive, pushing you to become the best version of yourself and never the other way around.

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