Find out which signs of the zodiac are best not to have as co-workers.

Work is one of the most important aspects of life. It allows you to support yourself and to provide for yourself and your family but it is also a way to get in touch with others, to compare yourself, and to test yourself. It is a delicate area that can be experienced differently based on the character and way of seeing things.

At the same time, how one relates to colleagues can also be different from person to person and often also depends on the parties involved and on how various characters and particularities are mixed. For this reason, since the stars can influence the ways of doing in the workplace, today after having seen which are the signs of the zodiac that it is better not to have as enemies and how it is better to spend time at home for each zodiac sign, we will see who are the colleagues from whom it is always good to watch your back. A topic that, involving the ways of being, can also closely concern the ascendant, which is why, if you know it, it is always good to check it.

Colleagues from whom it is better to be careful and those who are harmless

Aries – Colleagues who can create problems
The problem of those born under the sign of Aries is that they are highly competitive and if they see someone as a potential rival they will not hesitate to give them a hard time. They will always do it calmly and try not to be noticed by others. It is an open and constantly evolving challenge. Challenge that it would be good not to accept because having them as enemies can create various annoyances. They are not dangerous because they are too busy with themselves to develop potentially dangerous strategies. At the same time, however, they can be heavy and make the working environment uncooperative. The ideal would be to try never to compete with them, dealing with different things. Much better to have them as allies, rather. Even if it means that, as often as they can,

Taurus – Quite Peaceful Colleagues Taurus
natives are people who like to live in peace. At work, therefore, they have no particular ambitions other than those of completing what belongs to them to be able to dedicate themselves to something else. If you can build a good relationship with them, they can turn out to be kind and cooperative colleagues. Able to make the working environment even pleasant. Only in rare cases can they be annoying. This is especially the case when they feel challenged or feel they are victims of injustice. Fortunately, more often than not, a comparison is enough to put things right. And, when all goes well, cooperating with them can even lead to something good thanks to the ideas and seriousness they have when they decide to commit to a certain project.

Gemini – Colleagues to not worry about
Those born under the sign of Gemini are sunny people, who love to live carefreely and who when they have ambitions, try to advance according to their abilities. For this reason, they are more often than not nice and agreeable colleagues. And, unless there are underlying dislikes or unresolved issues, working with them can be both enjoyable and constructive. Their wit and the creativity they put into what they do can be an excellent starting point for projects that can lead to something good. What matters is to be friends with them and never openly challenge them. Proud, they could take it badly and decide to close all sorts of collaboration, starting to work thinking only of themselves.

Cancer – Colleagues who take it easy
Cancer natives are not colleagues to watch your back from. Sometimes, however, due to their sensitivity and being downright touchy, they can misunderstand things. When this happens, the risk is that they will take it to the point of withdrawing into themselves. A way of doing that can lead to tensions and hostilities that will not be resolved until a confrontation is sought. Luckily, they too don’t like heavy work environments and, starting from this, it can be quite easy to get to a meeting point. If this happens, one can hope for peace and, in some cases, even productive collaboration.

Leo – Colleagues to beware of all the time
Those born under the sign of Leo have an incredible need to emerge. They keep us both in private and working life. From this point of view, therefore, they are potentially dangerous colleagues and able to give a hard time. For this to happen they must consider who they are facing as an obstacle or a danger to their career. Sometimes, letting them know you don’t want to override can help but if they decide that a colleague is a danger they tend to see him as an enemy. This means that they will not have peace until they have proven themselves better. And, needless to say, they are also willing to cheat to do so. Better, therefore, to avoid any form of competition as much as possible because otherwise, it will be open war.

Virgo – Thorny Colleagues Virgo
natives are often difficult to define because while they aspire to a quiet working climate, they can be hostile for several reasons. Whether it’s about fights at work, personal dislikes, or a simple desire to emerge if they decide that someone is their rival they will not hesitate to face it until they have had the best of it. Fortunately, most of the time they limit themselves to working independently, limiting themselves to a few cordial words and never going further. If this happens it is good to test the ground and study them carefully before taking steps that could turn out to be false. By doing so, you will be able to count on a relatively quiet working environment.

Libra – Friendly Colleagues
Those born under the sign of Libra are people who love to do their work independently and in an environment that is as peaceful as possible. This means that they always behave kindly, sometimes being a bit distant but certainly pleasant to have at your side. In case of open clashes, they can become hostile but they will always take care to do it politely and look for a few contacts as possible. Talking to them is still quite simple and it will be enough to ask for a comparison to resolve any differences. For the rest, they are certainly pleasant colleagues and with whom you can establish a good working relationship which, in some cases, can even prove to be productive.

Scorpio – Co-operative but also dangerous colleagues
The natives of Scorpio may be the best colleagues in the world but also the ones to be feared the most. It all depends on how you choose to behave with them. If they do not feel specific hostility and feel they can be trusted, they will always try to maintain good relationships and everything for a quiet life. In this case, they will also be good at cooperating and carrying out projects in which they will not hesitate to commit themselves to giving their best. If they are provoked, however, things can change radically. Vengeful as they are they could turn the workplace into a real hell, difficult to handle and even imagine. This is why it is always better not to challenge them and not to play left-handed shots at them. In this case, the only alternative would be to change the workplace.

Sagittarius – Uncomfortable Colleagues
It cannot be said that those born under the sign of Sagittarius are particularly dangerous colleagues. They know, however, to be quite uncomfortable, especially when they believe that there is no harmony to preserve at the base. For them, work is also a way to connect with others. If you can establish a good relationship then you can count on their cooperation. Otherwise, you risk becoming their scapegoat. In any case, it is always good to keep in mind that they are highly self-centered people. Therefore, they will always aim for their well-being and if that means bypassing others, they will be more than willing to do so.

Capricorn – Selfish Colleagues Capricorn
natives are on average dangerous. This depends on their way of experiencing work. Always determined to give their best, they tend to want to cooperate to get the best. If you go against it in some way, however, they take it to death by coming to put the muzzle and close in on themselves. Furthermore, always taken by themselves they will never have the ability to see who they are next to, focusing only on their abilities. Working with them, therefore, means having to adapt to rhythms and styles. The only way to get along and get something. Otherwise, you can count on long silences and hostile attitudes but never too dangerous.

Aquarius – Colleagues not very dangerous
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are difficult to define colleagues. They generally prefer to work on their own and limit themselves to simple pleasantries. If they find themselves forced to collaborate for some project, they tend to socialize as little as possible, ending up creating an at least strange working environment. Fortunately, they are not dangerous but just strange and sometimes difficult to deal with. However, it is always good to never trust completely because in work, as in life, they will always tend to act for their benefit. This means that at the first opportunity they will not hesitate to think only of themselves, even to the detriment of those who have worked with them up to that moment.

Pisces – Colleagues hardly ever dangerous
The natives of Pisces are people who love to get along with others and who always try to create pleasant work environments when they can. If you have the same intentions and treat them with kindness, then you can hope for a peaceful and even fruitful collaboration. Otherwise, you have to be careful because if challenged openly they do not have problems becoming dangerous or at least difficult to manage. Much better to maintain good relations. These will certainly be more constructive and able to lead to friendships that will prove to be important both in the private sector and, obviously, in the workplace.

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