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How To Massively Improve Your Love Life, Based On Your Birth Month


Ask for help. You’re so independent, and it’s something to be admired. It also means that anyone you date will feel a bit like they’re just along for the ride. While you may feel like you can handle anything, you know deep down that sometimes you need a helping hand. Show that vulnerability and let your partner team up to solve the problem. They’ll finally feel like you trust them.


Don’t expect people to read your mind. You’re a romantic at heart, this much is true. The problem comes when you are expecting something and don’t get it. Rather than saying what you want, you hope that your partner will just know. Life isn’t a movie. If you want something, say it, whether it’s a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day or exclusivity in your relationship.


Show your partner how amazing they are. You’re used to getting the attention. People crush on you, and you love it. It’s understandable! It also means that any partner you choose might feel more like a sidekick. Don’t forget to gas them up. Make them feel as special as they make you feel. After all, they’d have to be pretty amazing for you to decide to date them.


Learn how to flirt. While you might be naturally flirty, the problem comes when you treat everyone the same way. How can someone be sure you like them when you’re flirting with everybody? Find ways to change how you act with someone you like, whether it’s touching them more, saying their name often, or just telling them exactly how you feel.


Don’t let high emotions make decisions for you. You’re emotional. There’s nothing wrong with that. The problem comes when you start letting your biggest emotions control how you act. It makes fighting with you a minefield. Perhaps taking a step back to cool down is best. It’ll certainly make it easier for you both to navigate the tough times as a team rather than in opposition to each other.


Realize that relationships have an ebb and a flow. While you share your love freely, being the cuddly person you are, you do get bored pretty easily. As soon as a relationship gets too comfortable, you start to worry that the spark has been lost. Here’s the deal: Just because it feels this way now, doesn’t mean it always will. There is comfort and there are sparks, and they alternate.


Make a choice. Your outgoing and bombastic personality attracts a lot of people. Admit it: You love the attention. Unfortunately, that means that you’d sometimes rather bask in the love of everyone than pick someone to date. If you want a relationship, you’ll have to choose, though.


Be selective. You’re easy-going and happy most of the time. Even a little bit of praise will make you crush on someone hard. That means that you sometimes play into their hands if they happen to be less-than-stellar. Rather than dating the first person who compliments you, be a little more selective to protect your heart.


Listen to your heart more. You’re super practical, which helps in business and concrete decision-making, but isn’t very sexy when it comes to romance. Some things need to be decided by your gut rather than your analytical brain. Let your heart lead you and you’ll find a nice balance between the magical and the concrete.


Use your skills of persuasion responsibly. You’re a super passionate person, which means you can convince someone to do just about anything if you care enough. Persuasion is cool and all if you’re doing it for good, but remember that your partner still wants to have autonomy and an equal voice in the conversation. You don’t need to (and shouldn’t, honestly) control everything.


Don’t get lost in your interests at the expense of your partner. You have lots of hobbies, goals, sports, and art that take up a ton of your time. That’s not a bad thing, and it’s often why people fall for you. The trouble starts when you’re so focused on your hobbies that you forget your partner exists. Don’t forget to show them some attention, too!


Let your introverted partner stay home sometimes. You’re outgoing and you like being out of the house and going on adventures. While it’s nice to encourage your partner to get out there and join you, don’t be super pushy about it. Sometimes people just want to veg out at home, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Not everyone can be as go-go as you.

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