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Love Horoscope For The Week Of July 10 – 16, 2023. Three Zodiac Signs Have Conflicts With Their Partners

This week, our feelings may suffer due to cosmic influence. Either we will be passionate and looking for love, or we will want to withdraw and do a “cleaning” in our souls.

The love horoscope for the week of July 10 – 16, 2023 announces two great influences. In the first part of the period, all the cosmic action is present, and the second half of the week will end on a much quieter note. On July 10, Mars arrives in Virgo, from fiery and passionate Leo. When Mars was in Leo, it was all drama, creativity, and bold excitement. Considering that Virgo is an earth sign, we will not waste any more time and will become very pragmatic.

Also on Monday, on the 10th, we have an opposition between Mercury and Pluto. This meeting will make many of us look for things to solve, to want to organize, and to clean up our lives. Astrologers recommend not to exaggerate this trend.

From Tuesday, July 11, Mercury arrives in expressive Leo. Now we can truly find our voice, speak our minds and approach others with charm, magnetism, and enthusiasm. Sure, it is possible to get a little stuck in our thinking or to take control of the conversation without listening very well. But we compensate by the fact that we are attractive and have intense charisma.

Take advantage of this week if you want to stand out or if you want to end situations. Of course, from a love point of view, things get a little complicated, as we will see in the love horoscope for each zodiac sign.


The cosmic energy this week is definitely for you. Action planet Mars moves into your work and lifestyle sector on Monday, making this your golden time to get organized when it comes to your daily routine, tasks, and general well-being. This week brings a positive energy in your relationship. Communication is facilitated, and you will feel at ease around your partner. If you are single, there is a good chance you will meet someone special during this interval.


Although this week starts somewhat on the wrong foot, it will end well. So, don’t necessarily worry, even if problems may appear in your relationship. It could be about your need for independence, which is getting stronger lately. You may feel less willing to get involved in serious relationships and seek more freedom. But it is important to communicate openly with your partner about these needs to avoid conflicts.


Great news this week! Mercury moves to your communication sector on Tuesday. You will find your voice again. Moreover, you will do it in a way that is not forced but convincing. Trust returns and, with it, peace. For you, it will be extremely important to clarify some situations with your loved one, things that you have been putting off. It can be an excellent time to try new things together and strengthen your emotional connection. If you are single, you may be attracted to an unconventional and energetic person.


Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in your relationship sector. The sky reflects a possible fierce battle between you and a loved one – be it a friend or a lover – which may seem impossible to fight. However, this is a very short phase, a test of your will. Things will be over before you know it, so stick to your opinions. Only towards the end of the week do you manage to reach a common denominator. In addition, empathetic communication and mutual support will play an essential role in strengthening the relationship.


The planet of communication – Mercury – enters your sign on Tuesday. This comes as a real mental relief. But, be careful, in the first two days you may have mixed thoughts and you may not understand what you want. Be careful not to put the same pressure on your life partner, because he has no way of knowing what battles you carry in your soul. Mercury is in your spiritual zone, opposing Pluto in your routine sector. The good news is that Mars is galloping out of your sign and heading toward your abundance sector. In other words, use the confidence you have recently acquired to create stability and security. It may be the right moment to clarify your priorities and to find the balance between the couple’s relationship and your individual needs.


This week, you may feel attracted by the mystery and depth of relationships. It is possible to discover new things about your partner and get closer to him. It is a favorable moment to express your affection and to build a solid base as a couple. But, as far as family, friends, and close people are concerned, it is not a good time to use up your energy. For the first time, put yourself first. Those who matter will not get angry and, as they say, those who get angry don’t matter. Channel the abundant energy that Mars brings into an intense physical activity – one that puts you in touch with your body, your senses, and your environment.


Everyone knows how much you love. How much you adore passion. However, with Mars entering your unrequited love sector on Monday, you need to put the brakes on it. Apply discernment in both your romantic and platonic relationships. Putting others on a pedestal they don’t deserve will do nothing but disappoint you. It is possible to live intense moments as a couple, with strong feelings, but it is equally possible that this fire will turn into a fire, that is, into a strong conflict. Be very careful how you communicate what you feel.


It is an ideal period to manifest your plans and desires. Cosmic magic works for you. You will instinctively know that you cannot rush. Everything you want, everything you visualize, can only be brought to life when you pay the greatest attention to details. So be pretentious. Be exact. Be precise. Be very clear about your wishes. You feel the need to spend more time alone, to enjoy your own company, to learn new things. It is not a romantic week, but it is one full of love for your person.


This week can bring a need for freedom and adventure in your relationships. You may want to explore new things with your partner or dedicate more time to your passions and personal interests. Communicate openly with your partner to find a balance between your needs. Conflicts are not excluded, especially if you kept putting off talking about certain things. A romantic vacation could help you a lot. If you are single, it is an extraordinarily favorable week to meet an interesting person.


Mercury in your relationship sector opposes Pluto in Capricorn. There is something you probably want, but others may not be so receptive to your ideas. Remove the pressure immediately, because all you will do is create a power struggle. Let people decide for themselves, even if you think you know better. It would be good that in the following days, you focus on your growth, and not on the opinion of those around you. Even the closest people around you can contradict you and heated discussions can occur. Mars, entering your expansion sector, brings you all kinds of opportunities to learn. Hug them. If you are single, be open to opportunities to meet someone special.


Be open to creative ideas and let yourself be inspired by those around you. Your favorite thing is knowledge, but it is rarely easy for you to find someone who is as good a teacher as you. However, this week offers all kinds of promises and magic in this regard. It is even possible to develop an idyll with someone from whom you feel you have a lot to learn and you will spend wonderful moments together. It is important to listen to your intuition and connect with your emotional needs in the next period.


The planet of desire slides into your relationship sector this week, Monday. It is about Mars, the archetypal planet of passion. Attention: there is a very thin line between passion and conflict. It is something you will have to negotiate carefully, especially with your boyfriend. Even if you don’t have someone special, be aware of the fire that could burn between you and others. If you are in the situation of being intimidated, gently but firmly, tell them that you do not allow anyone to violate your boundaries.

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