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The Mantra of Your Zodiac Sign for the Week of January 16-22

Weekly horoscope January 16-22. Find out what is mantra you need this week full of winter.

Tell me what zodiac sign you are to tell you what is the mantra that your soul needs this week in January:

Horoscope Aries

Your mantra for this week is: I promise not to regret anything that happened. I accept, learn the essential lessons, close the door to the past and move on with my life.

Taurus horoscope

Your mantra for this week is: I take control of my life. If I want to change my life, I don’t have to allow anyone else to be responsible for me. I no longer allow other people to dominate me.

Gemini horoscope

Your mantra for this week is: I give life exactly what I want so that it also gives me happiness and peace. I am happy to be alive.

Horoscope Cancer

Your mantra for this week is: I am at peace with what I live. Inner peace and harmony happen when I choose not to allow another person or events to control my thoughts and emotions.

Horoscope Leo

Your mantra for this week is Every day I am a better person than I was yesterday. I work on myself day by day, moment by moment because I want to become the best version of myself.

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