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How Forgiving You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

Forgiving can sometimes be the hardest thing to do, especially if you’ve been hurt deeply.

Do you tend to hold grudges or do you let it all go and forgive people who harmed you in some way?

The self-limiting patterns of holding grudges and not forgiving others are definitely something every individual should break free of and our horoscope can help us see how likely we are to do so.

Each Zodiac sign has a different and unique view of life and deals with people and circumstances in a different way.

Because of that, it is important to know the characteristics of your Zodiac sign and how it impacts your ability to forgive.


You tend to get angry and act impulsively when hurt.

You often say things you don’t mean, but on the bright side, you tend to apologize for what you said and quickly forgive the ones who harmed you, because your anger never lasts long.

Generally, for an Aries, forgiveness is not too difficult.


As a Taurus, it is very hard for you to let go of things. You hold grudges more than any other sign and take them with you to your grave if they are really that bad.

You just can’t let go of the past and you tend to get stuck in repetitive behaviors and feelings.

If you see forgiveness from a Taurus you will have had to go through a hell of a lot to get there, with tons of trying if you even want to scratch the surface of seeing forgiveness from them.

It may seem like a lost cause, but if a Taurus does forgive, it will be a healing treatment for both of you.


Everyone knows that a Gemini is always a very communicative and open-minded person.

If you are born under Gemini, you tend to talk a lot about your feelings and care about others, which is always the best policy to deal with people who hurt you.

You have the ability to work through problems easily and almost always find a way to forgive.


You are very emotional and often naively follow others into their traps.

You got trapped and you’ll never forget that, holding onto past wrongs until your sense of empathy for others makes you forgive everything.

When receiving an apology, you will ask them to prove themselves worthy of deserving forgiveness and you will hang on to every word that is said.


As one of the most confident signs, you are not easy at forgiving others for hurting you.

You don’t allow backstabbing and a person who did that will easily be discarded from your life.

You don’t want a reminder that you messed up with the wrong person, so forgiving for you is something that is unlikely to happen.


When you get hurt or betrayed you get angry for letting yourself get into a situation like that.

You are always cautious and first look at all possibilities and you don’t jump to conclusions.

When something like this happens, forgiving is still an option, but forgetting is not. You take it as a lesson and you are more careful in the future.


You tend to forgive others easily. You just can’t hold grudges and even if you are still hurt and don’t really want to forgive, you do so just to let go of the weight that holding grudges carries.

Also, to avoid any future conflict and the possibility that you’ll need forgiveness in the future from them, you will genuinely forgive everything.


As a Scorpio, you are already highly mistrusting, and if someone breaks your trust you will harbor lifetime grudges and consider vendettas, being unable to forgive.

Not only that you’ll be perfectly fine holding onto grudges for life, but you will most likely even seek revenge.

Those who do get forgiven carry a burden and should see your forgiveness as a great gift from you.


The very act of seeking forgiveness from a Sagittarius is difficult to get, because as a Sagittarius you tend to avoid the whole situation.

You’re fairly good at letting go of your anger and forgiving people but you also run away from the problem more often than not and have to deal with the consequences of that.


When someone hurts you, you have a hard time wrapping your head around the situation.

As a very disciplined sign, you have high self-control, so if someone is not worthy of forgiveness you will be able to tell.

Those who are worthy will be granted with forgiveness, but you will always remember what they did to you.


Knowing what is the right thing to do, you will often forgive the ones who did you wrong.

For the most part, you will just need a lot of time to work it out, but eventually you will come around to forgiveness.


When someone does you wrong, you feel a wide array of emotions, so you will certainly be hurt but you are more likely to be empathetic and understanding.

As compassionate as you are, you will forgive easily, but only once.

You won’t allow people to take advantage of your kindness and you won’t hesitate to take those people out of your life to prevent offenders from taking advantage of you.

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