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How Each Sign Feels When He Has A Friend With A Right

What do you call that relationship in which looks are read, liked, preferred, desired? There are loves that penetrate the depths of your being, because they are capable of caressing your thoughts. Loves that know you from head to toe, the darkest and the most beautiful of you. Some say they are for each other, but there is something that prevents the link from being made and they only reach what they call friends with rights. How does each zodiac sign feel when something like this knocks on your door? How does each sign feel when it has a friend with the right?

1.- Aries

Aries is the one who gets carried away, they do not have much time to waste time on labels, they simply give themselves to the other person. When something makes their heart vibrate, it adds a touch of savagery and suddenly they dare to do anything . Aries is synonymous with passion, you do not think whether or not you will end up with your soul in pieces. He likes to live in the moment , but there are friends with rights who only wear him out, make him lose the north and then leave. Of those friends who remember each other in a night of drinks and it is impossible that a tear does not fall.

2.- Taurus

Taurus is a very meticulous sign when choosing a heart, that is the reason why it does not get carried away by attraction, it needs much more than the chemistry between two bodies. Taurus bets on friendship, when he feels confident and can be simply as he pleases, that’s when he takes a risk. And it is someone who puts friendship above anything else. When a friend with rights appears in your life, he becomes an escape valve, the person who is able to illuminate his days when everything goes wrong.

3.- Gemini

Gemini is one of the signs that gets along very well with the idea of ​​starting a relationship of friends with rights. And it is that commitment is not something that attracts you, let’s say that when you feel that the ties are present, it makes you want to run away. Gemini stays with someone who is able to understand their way of seeing life , who is not afraid to add a touch of adrenaline to their days. Geminis prefer their freedom to the formality of yelling at the world that they are with someone. Sometimes he loves more so than in something serious.

4.- Cancer

Cancer is one of the signs that does not deal very well with that of friends with rights. You may get carried away by what you feel at first, but over time your insecurities take center stage and you just want to be given their place. The truth is that he has a very bad time, because it is such an emotional sign that it is impossible for him to separate what happens under the covers with all those feelings fluttering in his heart. Cancer needs more than temporary relationships, it does not want to wear itself out for something that is not worth it.

5.- Leo

Do I read in a relationship with friends with rights? The truth is that it is quite complicated. Your impulsive side may be thrown into the ring, but once you start to share very personal issues, your heart feels like it can’t take it anymore. Let’s say that Leo does not like sharing, there his selfish side takes control. Leo wants exclusivity , he cannot with the idea that that person he is in love with also kisses other lips. There comes a point where you put the cards on the table, do you want to or not? Leo doesn’t play games.

6.- Virgo

That of friends with rights is not something that attracts the attention of Virgo, at least they do not seek it. When they start a relationship of this type they hope that they will go to the formality and that is when their anxiety is present. Virgo suffers too much with all his insecurities and those negative thoughts running around in his mind. It can become too traditional, you like to love the old-fashioned, a relationship in which commitment comes first. Virgo seeks loyalty rather than a casual encounter, it rarely stays there.

7.- Libra

The truth is, Libra doesn’t have much trouble ending up in a bond of entitled friends. And it is his social, carefree and charming side that takes control. It is no secret that Libra enjoys being admired, they are fascinated that they have the time to add one more hairline to their ego . So while you have the idea you can separate the feelings without problem. Libra can be the friend with benefit that everyone wants, just enjoy the moment and that’s it. He does not open all the doors of his life for you, he needs much more for formality.

8.- Scorpio

Scorpios are likely to end up in the arms of a friend with rights, because they are very intense and they may get carried away in the moment, but then their territorial side becomes present and that is when there may be some problems. Scorpio is really vulnerable, the same thing adores you today and tomorrow does not want to see you. However, with such a relationship they become jealous and begin to feel little. Scorpio doesn’t tolerate being the second-table dish and having to queue up on someone’s agenda, so they end up leaving.

9.- Sagittarius

Living today, Sagittarius is that person who does not miss a single breath. He is the one who does not need much to lose himself in the heart of the other. It is a sign that when you decide to love, you do it as if it were your last chance. He dares to have a friend with the right, it seems more genuine to him to say things honestly, without having to get involved further and let whatever happens happen. Sagittarius enjoys these relationships because they do not feel pressured, they prefer it rather than saying I love you to the wrong person.

10.- Capricorn

Capricorn can be very exclusive, he does not like to deal with a host of uncontrolled emotions. He prefers something serious, a relationship in which commitment is invited, he is not the type of person who lets anyone into his life. Capricorn wants stability and if he feels undervalued he leaves. It is the sign that does not enjoy jumping from love to love, it bets on formality, that it does not take away sleep at night. Capricorn considers that friends with rights are synonymous with worries and runs away from it.

11.- Aquarius

Although there are many who say that Aquarius is tremendously cold and that they do not give themselves the opportunity to express their emotions. Behind that enormous shell hides a soul willing to give everything for that person. He considers that it is already complicated enough to deal with the ups and downs of his mood, as if to complicate life more. In matters of friends with rights, Aquarius can give an ultimatum, he does not want to feel in the middle of the balance. If he is really beginning to feel nice things and it is not reciprocated, he leaves.

12.- Pisces

Pisces has a hard time separating feelings when it comes to having friends with rights. At the beginning of the relationship, he may be reserved and only focus on the mere attraction of two bodies. However, as time goes by, he begins to feel more comfortable and to talk about his life. That is when it is very possible that he ends up falling in love. Then there are only two, it ends in a lasting romance or a long duel, which allows him to overcome his broken heart. Pisces is too genuine, he can’t pretend he doesn’t feel.

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