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Are you in the ranking of the most apathetic zodiac signs of all? If the answer is yes, we are sorry for you: let’s find out now, come on!

Well yes, there are some people you just don’t want to have as friends or by your side. Let’s understand, it’s not that they do anything wrong: they don’t stab you in the back and they don’t even pretend that you are their friend and then abandon you in time of need.
They are simply … apathetic! They are not depressed, they are not sad and they are not lazy either: they are disinterested.
Maybe not to you, in particular, but in general they don’t want to have fun: they never propose a program, they never think of something to do together and they are always passive and bored, almost. What do you say, would you like to find out if your friends are on today’s leaderboard?

The most apathetic zodiac signs of the horoscope: let’s find out if you are there in today’s ranking

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You pick up the phone to call your friend and offer him a day at the lake: he says ok, with the enthusiasm with which you get out of bed on Monday morning.
Okay, if it’s not the lake you might try a new restaurant, what do you think?
A shrug and a murmur follow your proposal. Then, since (like every Sunday) the weather breaks down and it starts to rain, you decide to cancel all the programs. Your friend welcomes the news without comment in the slightest.

Hey, stop! Even just describing such a sensation has made us fall into a state of tremendous numbness.
We exaggerated, of course, but only because we wanted to introduce you to the new protagonists of today’s ranking of zodiac signs.
We have decided to ask the stars and planets to tell us which are the most apathetic zodiac signs of the whole zodiac.

Come on, you surely have in mind a person who acts as if he has no feelings or preferences of any kind.
(And, as usual, if you don’t know there is a problem: you could be that person!). Ready to find out who the most apathetic zodiac signs are (and stay away from them)?

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Gemini: fifth place

Dear Gemini, we put you in fifth place in our ranking today for one reason only: you know how to be indifferent and apathetic only at alternate moments but the moments of apathy are truly scary!
You Gemini like to do everything in your life in a hurry: you become passionate and fall in love with something or someone in an instant and, just as quickly, you change your mind.

This means that your moments of apathy come suddenly, perhaps after a period in which you have pushed your foot on the accelerator. When you are apathetic, dear Gemini, you are! Nothing interests you and nothing excites you: impossible to move!

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Libra: fourth place

How strange to find those born under the sign of Libra in this ranking, isn’t it?
Libra is always so proactive, so cheerful and talkative, so full of life: can it be apathetic?
Well yes, Libra can happen to be apathetic and much more often than it seems!

Those born under the sign of Libra suffer a lot in an attempt to hide their apathy. For this very reason, then, Libra often strives to go out and always be the loudest and funniest person in the room. When they succumb to apathy they are unable to leave the house for days!

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Aquarius: third place

Even the Aquarius are people who, precisely because they ask so much of themselves, often end up running into rather large ” pockets ” of apathy.
After having exhausted their (almost infinite) reserve of feelings and emotions, after having done everything for others and having consumed themselves to the bone, the Aquarians at some point… become truly apathetic.

What you do no longer makes them worry or react… why should they?
They don’t want to do anything, go out and worry about anything other than their simple errands.
The Aquarius, therefore, shut themselves up in a world of their own and will never show up again… at least with you!

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Cancer: second place

Our ranking of the most apathetic zodiac signs of all continues to amaze us: among them, there are also those born under the sign of Cancer!
Dear Cancers, but is it possible that you are that apathetic? (Although, actually, only yesterday you occupied a not bad position in the ranking… er… a sign that they never shut up !).

Cancers can (and often do) lose interest in the outside world. Often, Cancers make this decision when they feel overwhelmed by others, situations, and the ugliness of the world.
A bad day can be enough to transform Cancers from active and happy people to hopeless apathetic.

With a blanket over their heads, their bed, and a book, Cancers turn into people who have no desire to do anything or see anyone.
Dear Cancers, be careful: when you give in to apathy you risk finding yourself too well “doing nothing” and making it your main occupation!

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Scorpio: first place in the ranking of the most apathetic zodiac signs of the whole horoscope

And finally, we come to the top of our ranking today and reveal which is the most apathetic zodiac sign of allScorpios!
Hey, let’s understand: Scorpios are not apathetic DOC, they do nothing in life but … do nothing. On the contrary!

Scorpios are filled with things to do, commitments, and people to see: too bad they do it only because they feel great social pressure!
Scorpios often do not care about others and do not have too disconcerting feelings.

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They just don’t understand why they should worry and live their lives as if they were trains running to various destinations.
The important thing is to arrive, no matter what the rails or the locomotive feel during the journey! Dear Scorpios, also remember to… take a moment to pause and reflect on life!

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