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Find out what time you should wake up to feel energized and more relaxed than ever.

Sleeping, as we know, is good for health and helps to release at least part of the tensions accumulated during the day. Each of us has different ways of managing the hours of sleep and this changes according to the work that takes place, personal needs, personality, and, of course, also the influence of the stars. If there are zodiac signs that, more active than ever, prefer to wake up early to kick off their day, others love the idea of ​​lounging under the covers, to the point of feeling happy when they know they can.

Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, only on vacation days can you allow yourself the luxury of postponing the alarm clock or not setting it at all, and today we will find out how to manage this particular aspect. After having seen what the aura color of each sign of the zodiac is and how optimistic the various zodiac signs are, today we will find out what time each sign of the zodiac should wake up to feel at the top. Since this is an aspect also linked to the way of feeling, the advice is to also check the profile of your ascendant to have two possibilities to choose from.

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Horoscope: What time should you wake up in the morning? Here is the answer of the stars

Aries – At dawn
Those born under the sign of Aries are not people who like to sleep and if they have to, they prefer to take an afternoon nap when they feel that their energies are failing. Instead, after a restful night, they prefer to get up early in the morning to embrace the new day and take advantage of all the possibilities. From going for a run to taking time for themselves alone to prepare a good breakfast, their alarm clock should go off early because daylight can charge them with positive energy.

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Taurus – At noon
The natives of Taurus are generally lazy people and love to sleep. At the same time they enjoy being around people and this leads them to go to sleep often later than they would like. Their ideal alarm clock, therefore, should ring in the late morning, allowing them to recharge properly. Given the choice, it would be even better not to set any alarms at all and follow the natural rhythm. Most likely they would get up around lunchtime, starting the day with a good meal and peace of mind.

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Gemini – Around ten in the morning
Those born under the sign of Gemini are souls in constant ferment and this makes them people who should wake up early enough in the morning. However, since they are also souls of the night, they are very likely to often stay in the small hours. For this reason, their alarm should always ring around nine in the morning, thus allowing them to rest enough but without losing part of the day. Starting well is something that usually puts them in a good mood, making them feel more likely and therefore more positive.

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Cancer – After eleven
The natives of Cancer would like a world without alarms and for this reason, they would prefer not to have time to wake up, which they can allow themselves on days off and in which they can keep themselves without commitments. Alternatively, a good time is 11:30, perfect for rest as needed but useful to give them away to prepare for the day they face. In this way they can also enjoy breakfast before lunch, waking up slowly, just the way they like it.

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Leo – At seven
Those born under the sign of Leo are among the select few who manage to wake up even before the alarm clock in the morning. Sometimes, however, they may collapse from sleep, and in order not to risk it is always better to have an alarm clock that can stir them. For such days, their ideal alarm clock is around seven, which is maintained even on weekends. Always full of ideas and things to do, they will love the awareness of having a whole day at their disposal, in which to move as they prefer. For them, sleeping is almost a waste of time.

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Virgo – At ten o’clock Virgo
natives, as rational people, as they are, do not like to waste time. At the same time, however, they need to rest properly to be lucid enough during the day. When they can choose, therefore, they should get up around 10, to kick off the day calmly, taking time only for themselves and savoring the time that passes slowly but not too much. They will also know that in case of fatigue, the afternoon nap is not long and this will make them more relaxed and ready to get involved during the day.

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Libra – Around nine
Libra does not like to laze around and even when they might, they prefer to get up early enough to get organized for the day. Their ideal alarm clock, therefore, is always around nine A perfect time to get up and still have the whole day ahead, knowing that you can do anything but with the eight hours of rest behind you, essential to think better.

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Scorpio – After 10
The natives of Scorpio love to feel like they never waste time. At the same time, however, he likes to relax and indulge in the right hours of rest. Being people often addicted to the night it is very likely that they stay in the small hours and when this happens they need to wake up at times that allow them to maintain the lifestyle they prefer most. 10:30 in the morning is a perfect time to get up and start the day, with the right hours of rest behind you and all the time to organize yourself in the best way to live another day full of experiences to do.

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Sagittarius – Around eight
Sagittarius people love to be in control of their life and are constantly chasing an idea of ​​freedom that would prevent them from getting up too late. So, even if sleepy, they prefer to start their day early in the morning, getting rid of all the chores as soon as possible and then finally allowing themselves time only for them. A modus operandi that goes well with their character and that corresponds exactly to the most suitable time to better enjoy their days.

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Capricorn – Around six-thirty
Capricorn natives usually go to sleep with so many of those plans in mind that the perfect time for them is practically dawn. In fact, at that time, they can kick off the day in a quiet and relaxed way, still enjoying some time to give themselves before confronting the rest of the world. A detail that for the natives makes the difference, allowing them to continue the day in a way inclined to their way of being. Of course, on holidays they would do well to indulge in a few more hours of sleep which would certainly benefit their mind but by going to sleep earlier they can solve the problem, thus being able to remain faithful to what is most suitable for them.

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Aquarius – After eight
Those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who like to take life at ease. For this reason, by getting up early they have the opportunity to do everything they need, without haste, fully enjoying the silence they always need. The right time to set the alarm is therefore early in the morning but without exaggerating. After all, they are also signs that they like to relax and that they need the right hours of rest to do so.

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Pisces – Around eleven o’clock
When they can give themselves a moment of respite, Pisces’ wake-up calls should not be timed, allowing them to wake up naturally. If they don’t want to take the risk of losing an entire day, they can opt for an alarm clock at 11 to ensure they don’t sleep until the evening. At that point, they will be able to start their day with brunch, enjoying the calm gained thanks to the hours of sleep and letting themselves go to their many fantasies. Being people with an artistic flair, they will be more inclined to go to sleep late and for this reason, being able to get up calmly will be a real luxury for them.

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