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You like to swim? When you go to the sea do you stay in the water all day? Maybe because you were born under one of these three zodiac signs

Swimming is one of the most practiced sports by Italians. Furthermore, this discipline has always been recommended by many doctors to treat various diseases , especially those related to the back and inflammation. There are those who love to swim to the point of risking pneumonia and reaching the coast even in the middle of winter. These people would do anything to do a few strokes in the water every now and then.

Usually, people who have a passion for swimming love the sea, although this connection does not apply to everyone. There are also those who swim to relax but do not particularly appreciate all the activities that can be done on the beach. Today we will discover the ranking of the zodiac signs who love swimming most of all . And you, do you believe that your sign of the zodiac deserves to be on the podium?

The three zodiac signs who love to swim

Pisces : in third place in the ranking we find the sign of Pisces. One of these is definitely the passion for swimming. This sign swims in the company of friends, while chatting about some summer topic. Swimming is relaxing for those born under the sign of Pisces, it is a kind of distraction that helps this sign to isolate themselves from the problems related to everyday routine.

Libra : in second place in the ranking is the sign of Libra. Swimming is a very important pastime for those born under this sign of the zodiac. Libra swims as long as they feel like it, they don’t have a favorite style, the important thing is that they stay in the water. When swimming, this sign forgets all problems and totally relaxes. Swimming is a cure-all for the sign of Libra.

Leone : guess when Federica Pellegrini was born? August 5th, under the sign of Leo and it is no surprise. This zodiac sign loves to swim for many hours, moves away from the shore and enjoys the sea to the full. Those born under this sign of the zodiac are very competitive, so they could improvise swimming competitions and will do anything to win them. Swimming is Leo’s favorite sport, he follows his favorite swimmers and cheers them on.

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