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These 4 Zodiac Signs Don’t Live In The Here And Now

Some people never seem to think about tomorrow and manage to live in the moment, but for others, this is almost impossible. You think about the past or are already far into the future. These four zodiac signs simply cannot be in the here and now.



Cancers are very guided by their emotions and are also extremely brooding. In plain language, this means that, for example, they think about an argument for a long time and are therefore stuck in the past. The same also applies to future scenarios, which Cancers go through in advance down to the smallest detail to be prepared for all situations. When you think so much, the zodiac sign quickly forgets to stay in the moment.


This zodiac sign also rarely manages to be completely in the here and now and ignore everything else. Because Virgo tends to be perfectionistic and likes to be prepared for everything. At work, she puts in the occasional overtime to ensure she is well-prepared. And in her private life, too, she is always busy planning for the future. She is always so busy that she can hardly enjoy the present.


The ambitious Scorpios have a very precise plan of how their lives should turn out. There is hardly any time for spontaneity and lightness. When something doesn’t go the way they want, Scorpios also find it difficult to let go of the past. They are sometimes resentful and remain annoyed for a long time about things that can no longer be changed. A little more looseness could also do this zodiac sign a lot of good.


The zodiac sign is a real dreamer. Daydreaming helps him forget reality for a while and dream of better times. Sometimes Pisces also tends to glorify the past, according to the motto: “Everything used to be better.” As a result, they miss some of the opportunities that are available to them right now. Keep your eyes open, there is still a lot of goodness waiting for you.

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