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Do you suffer from delusions of control? The stars have a tip for you.

Life has always been a great unknown that can surprise us at any moment with sudden events. Their occurrence many times without warning and the need to make often difficult decisions in a very short time, means that the sense of security we had as children becomes increasingly low over the years, leading many of us to moments of anxiety or stress and all for not knowing how to control what surrounds us. To try and soften the situation, one of the unconscious reactions many have is to start controlling what you can. All with a feeling of initial well-being that leads most to lose control of the situation and all with the result of being imprisoned in a vicious circle where, due to the obsession with control, not only of situations but also of people, we end up losing something more important like freedom. Although in part, the inclination to want to control everything, as well as the difficulty in quitting, can depend on the zodiac sign. For this reason, we will discover how to escape the obsessive need to check facts and people. Since this is an inclination, the advice is as always to also look at your own ascendant in order to have a more precise picture of the situation.

Find out how to solve the control craze once and for all with the help of the stars

Aries – Pursuing Your Need for Freedom
Thankfully your overactive disposition and urge to always follow your instincts make you a bad candidate for control freaks. Of course, maybe during periods you are a little more at risk but to avoid falling for it, you just need to insist on your desire to feel constantly free. This need to always do the first thing that crosses your mind without worrying too much about the consequences is in fact what will keep you away from any form of obsession. Just be careful not to overdo it because, from time to time, weighing a little on your actions can lead to more targeted results.

Taurus – Starting with the little things
Life for you is a real unknown and since you basically love tranquility and the so-called comfort zone, every little change risks creating anxiety. Unfortunately when you find yourself in these situations, getting out of them is the only way to resolve. By continuing to indulge in manias for control, in fact, you only risk getting worse day by day, even establishing phobias. To fix it, then, you just have to make an effort to do so. You do not need sensational moves but small steps to be taken every day, increasing their scope more and more in order to arrive at a moment in which the news will no longer seem a source of dangers. Start by changing your path when you go to work, accept an invitation without thinking too much and when faced with a proposal, when you are in doubt, answer in the affirmative.

Gemini – Putting aside temptations
Your being dual and in constant search for novelty makes you a person who knows how to handle the unexpected very well. However, you too, albeit in your own way, need to be in control of your surroundings. The trouble is, you often don’t realize it. For example, have you ever tried to go without a smartphone for a while? The world would proceed the same way even if you chose not to use social media or not to read the latest news for a while and this despite the fact that it is incredible for you. Yet it would be enough for you to try to discover that without it, there are many things that can be experienced and that having your eyes fixed on your surroundings, everything will seem different to you. Seeing is believing.

Cancer – Striving to be more truthful
For you, happiness depends on the people around you and the affection they show towards you every day. Without them you would feel lost and for this reason you tend to try to always be in control of their lives. This attitude, however, risks having the opposite effect, leading others to feel oppressed and pushing them to distance themselves. To prevent this from happening, you must necessarily loosen your grip, show yourself more understanding and avoid outbursts of jealousy or tantrums that can exhaust anyone. One solution would be to be honest, admit your fears, and have others try to calm you down. In this way they will feel free to act, also being able to understand your moods and you will know that you are important to the people you love,

Leo – Learning to trust others
Your constant need for confirmation and the desire you have to achieve success at any cost lead you to an unpleasant feeling of loneliness, that typical of those who are at the top or in the roles of leaders. If you don’t like it, the only way you can avoid it is to put yourself on the same level as the people you love, stop feeling superior or doing everything alone. In fact, trusting others will lead you to know them better, to understand that you are not the only one who knows how to do things and, above all, to know their feelings. Knowing that you are loved as well as simply admired can make a difference, filling your heart and giving you that sense of well-being and happiness you have always yearned for. Why not give it a try, then?

Virgo – Getting rid of control over the little things
Your need for control is really excessive and develops above all on things and events. In spite of everything, there is no desire in you for manipulation as much as to always have a clear path to follow with well-defined and clear rules to follow. The problem is that not everything in life can be classified under a specific rule or a pre-established channel and this is what, in general, triggers that sense of discomfort that you hate. To solve this you will have to work hard, taking small steps in the direction of chaos. Obviously it is not about upsetting your life or your way of being but about learning that even in things that are not exactly ordered there can be something pleasant. It then begins to force yourself into disorder. Dress as you like, without worrying too much about making the right combinations, set the table with glasses of different colors, even wear socks of different colors. Become whimsical if needed but free yourself, because only in freedom will you find the key to happiness.

Libra – Learning to follow your instincts
Your biggest problem lies in the spasmodic pursuit of perfection. For you the most important thing is to be able to live in perfect harmony with the things around you and, of course, with people. To do this you are often willing to sacrifice yourself and this ends up relegating you to a sort of golden cage unable to give you happiness. How to change things? The answer lies within you and to discover it you will have to learn to listen to yourself by starting to follow your instinct, that little voice that you are too used to putting aside to follow the rules you have imposed on yourself. Well, it’s time to start changing them. Try to do a little bit of your own mind, close your eyes and follow your heart. Make it your own as if it were a task to be done. At the beginning it will be difficult but slowly you will become familiar with it, being able to distinguish what you owe from what you want. Once this is done you will only have to learn to make the right decisions knowing that, even in the face of a mistake, there is always a way to correct the shot and move forward towards the most important goal: happiness.

Scorpio – Trusting your feelings
One of your biggest mistakes is being afraid of your feelings. Always very intuitive, you tend to feel things before they happen and this over time has led you to close yourself, limiting your ability and imposing walls that act as control towers. The truth, however, is that often the most instinctive part of us is the one that knows how to make us fully happy and it is only by stopping being afraid that we will be able to get rid of even the mania of controlling every little thing. From today, therefore, make an effort to listen to yourself more, to trust your feelings and to live life not according to self-imposed patterns or rules but based on what instinct says about it. Maybe you won’t be understood by everyone,

Sagittarius – Forcing yourself to be a little less impulsive
Unlike many other people, one of your problems is your excessive impulsiveness which when under stress you risk silencing with absurd and often meaningless rules. To be able to get out of this trap you will have to learn to be more thoughtful, evaluating things well and demonstrating to yourself that you do not need pre-packaged rules to proceed in life but that you know how to manage every situation with the right calm and the rationale you need. . Time and experiences will prove you right, making you feel more and more confident and leading you to gradually move away from your little delusions of control.

Capricorn – Trying not to live only according to your commitments
For you, life is a series of commitments to follow that you often impose on yourself to feel safe. For you, it is only by committing yourself, in fact, that you can control your life and that of the people around you. A way of doing things that often leads you to try to manipulate others, acting and speaking only to get certain answers. This obviously is not good, especially for you who when you do not have the desired outcome you end up panicking not knowing how to move anymore. Try to live more for the day, eliminate some commitments and allow yourself hours of emptiness. Learning to fill a vacant space will help you defeat your words, while also teaching you to appreciate new things for what they are, that is, new possibilities.

Aquarius – Just Being Yourself
Your way of being really makes you out of control. You like to be free in the true sense of the word and even if this often risks destabilizing others, for you it is a real panacea able to keep you away from the danger of closing yourself in patterns from which it is really difficult to get out. Only be aware of times of stress when you may feel unsatisfied and a little depressed. Sometimes it is the price to pay for a life without stakes. By learning to manage these moments, however, you will not have any problems whatsoever and indeed over time you may even be of help to those who are in the opposite situation.

Pisces – Trying to listen to you more
Empathetic like few others, you are always inclined to listen to those around you but you can’t do it with yourself. A big mistake that you absolutely must avoid because your instinctive part is the truest one and represents your essence. Of course, helping others and becoming indispensable leads you to control events and it also makes you feel good at first. Over time, however, this mania for control, even if done for altruistic purposes, ends up getting out of your control, leading you to feel bad and lose touch with yourself. Always remember to put yourself first and that others can also do without you. Repeat it until you realize it because only in this way can you free yourself from the need to control people and events, starting to enjoy what surrounds you and that life itself can give you. Often, in fact, the most beautiful things are the unexpected ones and not the ones that have been planned for some time. A golden lesson that once learned will open the doors to a more peaceful life.

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