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Aquarius Man Deciphered With Good and Bad

Do you share your life with a man born under the Aquarius sign? As every week, a very well-prepared guide awaits you to understand it better. We will talk about the good and the bad in what follows.

Men born under the sign of Aquarius are completely special, and unique in the zodiac. They have an enigmatic and mysterious side that, more often than not, arouses the interest of the opposite s*x. Thus, the Aquarius native is persistent and very patient, pays attention to those around him, and likes to communicate his problems.

At the same time, communication is a very important point in the personality and way of life of Aquarius. But we will return to this in the Qualities chapter.

In the relationship, the Aquarius man takes on much warmer and gentler valences. It escapes from everyday seriousness and becomes very loving and pleasant. Once they get attached to a woman, natives are ready to let down the walls and let her into their hearts and soul.

They prefer emotionally independent women who do not make them feel captive. They need a dose of their freedom, which no one can take away. Also on the list of preferences are spontaneous and lively women. This brings a big plus to the relationship, at least for the Aquarius man, who is… in his way, an adventurer.

Aquarius Horoscope: Qualities

As I said, let’s go back to the most important and (if you ask me) beloved characteristic of this zodiac sign: top 10 communication! Aquarians are the masters and no one can beat them when it comes to orderly thinking and clear, crisp communication that reaches their partner exactly the way they want it.

They are also hard-working and willing to make efforts and sacrifice time and resources to achieve a plan or a dream. We can call them dedicated.

They are also dedicated when it comes to a relationship or a marriage (although…it’s a bit hard to wrap your head around). Aquarians hate infidelity, do not practice it, and most likely do not condone it.

Horoscope Aquarius: Defects

First on the list of faults is probably the fact that he forgets them and their needs. Although they are very good at communicating love relationships and family or friendship relationships, the natives forget to communicate with themselves. He forgets to listen to his thoughts and heart. He forgets to admit his mistakes.

They have a bad habit of pushing themselves to the limit, both emotionally and in terms of their health or general well-being.

Finally, it should be noted that their perseverance can easily turn into stubbornness. Aquarians work hard, but sometimes things just don’t work out and it’s not their fault. They have to learn to give up sometimes, to stop holding on to something that doesn’t seem like it can be solved.

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