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Let’s discover the signs that, of all, are the most gluttonous of the zodiac.

Some time ago we saw together which are the signs of the zodiac that are always hungry. Today, we will remain on the subject, however, examining a precise nuance, namely that of gluttony. Because between being hungry and being greedy there is a big difference. In the first case you always want to eat something and often because of hunger you tend to satisfy the need with something that knows how to satiate, in the case of the throat, however, the need is to satisfy the palate with a moment of useful pleasure. A pleasure that often goes hand in hand with hunger but is not necessarily linked to it. For this reason, in fact, the signs involved are not the same as last time, with some exceptions. After all, there are always those who, in addition to being hungry, also aim to want to eat something good, right?

The greediest signs of the zodiac

A sign that it is very hungry and that, nevertheless, prefers to cultivate it while waiting for something that is really worth “sacrificing” for. Perhaps those born under this sign are among the most vicious of the zodiac, always ready for voluptuous sweets and able to satisfy the senses. After all, there is always time to listen to the scales.

Also present among the signs that they are always hungry, those born under this sign love to eat, and in doing so they prefer those foods for which they think it is worth it. Her preferences are mostly focused on desserts to which she likes to devote every attention and which she considers beautiful and rich in taste. While not disdaining salty dishes, sugary foods are among those that are most in her preferences. Among these stand out chocolate, biscuits and more complex desserts where he always seeks the explosion of taste.

It would not seem like it, but those born under the sign of Libra are quite greedy. An aspect that often takes a back seat for their constant search for beauty, which often makes them moderate in the way they eat and often on a diet. Nevertheless, they never say no to good food, especially if in addition to good taste it also has an excellent presentation. Precisely for this reason, they appreciate flans, savory pies and desserts capable of satisfying their constant need for beauty which, of course, must also be followed by the flavor.

For those born under this sign, exuberant and always ready to have new experiences, even food can represent a way to travel, with the senses. For this reason they prefer sophisticated dishes that contain great flavors. Spicy foods or superfine desserts, everything will be fine as long as the taste comes first.

Perhaps the most gluttonous sign of the zodiac and which is also fully included among those who are always hungry. A difficult combination to sustain but that with a little commitment they manage to manage themselves indulging in dishes capable of satisfying and satisfying the palate at the same time. After all, creating in the kitchen is certainly not a problem for those born under this sign. And sometimes, just from experimentation, the best things can arise.

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