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The stars reveal to you what is the phrase that replaces the classic “I love you” that each zodiac sign will tell you only if it loves you unconditionally.

We often say that love should be shown rather than pronounced. Love is a team game that requires daily commitment. Each zodiac sign has distinctive characteristics that differentiate its way of showing love. The stars reveal to you what is the phrase that each sign of the zodiac says instead of the I love you when he loves.

We have different ways of expressing and communicating our feelings, including love. We have revealed the 5 most common ways to do it, or the  5 languages ​​of love, which describe 5 different ways to transmit our love to the other, ranging from physical contact to the use of words. According to the stars when the various zodiac signs can express their love through a far more meaningful phrase than I love you.

This sentence reflects their way of being. Maybe you don’t know the most striking love phrase of each zodiac sign.

Here is which phrase expresses love more than one I LOVE YOU for each zodiac sign

We know that we only feel truly loved and fulfilled in a relationship if one important condition is met: if we can communicate all that is a form of love for us, what we like to receive, what we appreciate that else do or tell us.

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Somehow good communication is crucial for love and therefore affects our relationships.

If we can make the other understand what love is for us, he will probably endeavor to communicate his love to us in a way that makes us happier. And we will do the same.

Do you feel particularly loved when we prepare your favorite dish? So why not do it to them.

Fully understanding yourself is essential to maintaining healthy and harmonious relationships not only with your partner but also with all the people around us.

Are you ready to find out how the various astrological signs say I LOVE YOU?


An affectionate insult. Anything he tells you to tease and anger you is a way to communicate his love to you.

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“Do you want a piece of my pizza?” The Taurus is quite possessive and does not like to share his things very much, above all he hates that others touch his plate and his food, if he makes an exception it is because he loves you.

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With a like on your posts. Gemini communicates their love to you by indirectly showing you that they care about you and your life.

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“You know you can count on me for everything right? Cancer is a devoted and faithful sign, his family comes first. If he gives you all his attention and support, it means that you are part of the family for him.

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“I’m proud of you”. Leo is quirky and loves to be center stage and loves to compete and win. If he shows you his pride, he genuinely loves you.

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By memorizing everything you love. Virgo remembers your favorite dish, your song of the heart, the place that has remained in your heart. His greatest expression of love lies in showing you that he is attentive to your preferences.

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It bombards you with compliments. When Libra compliments you it means that they are showing you love. It is a sign very reluctant to such expressions. Reserves only on important occasions.

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“I’d kill for you”. When Scorpio is sure of his feelings, he exaggerates himself.

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“Why don’t we take a trip together?” We know that Sagittarius is the most adventurous sign of the zodiac. He loves to travel and if he asks you to go with him it means that a piece of his heart belongs to you.

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“Why don’t we do business together?” Capricorn is a particularly devoted sign in the professional field. He is very committed and to the best of himself in this field, if he asks you to team up it means that he cares about you the same way he cares about the business.

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“You are an original person. I adore!” The most extroverted sign of the zodiac considers this non-standardized way of being a real virtue and falls in love with people who are not common.

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“Fills you with attention”. Pisces is a great romantic. He loves to show his love classically, as is done in movies, with gestures and words that leave no doubt.

We remind you that astrology is a pseudoscience, these are just examples to help you realize how much the human race differs from one individual to another. What may seem like an act of hooking may not be for the other. Maybe you need sweet words and gratifications while the other needs gestures and concrete facts.

It is not important what you try to communicate but how you do it. Find ways to make people you love understand how you feel about them, understand their language of love, and use it to talk to them about love if you want to make sure they understand you.

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