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Find out how smart you are in everyday life and when it is time to play cunningly.

Being smart has always been seen as a feature somewhere between positive and negative. If in some cases, being so can lead to not making mistakes and to act in the best way for one’s interest, in others those who behave as such can do it to obtain something from others in an unclear way and therefore considered as wrong. Being smart is therefore a way of being that can be used both positively and negatively and which, in life, can make a difference.
Today, therefore, after having seen if we are jealous or less in love and how resilient we are, we will try to understand if we are crafty and if we are more positive or negative. To get a clear idea, it is advisable to also check the profile relating to your ascendant, to have a more complete idea.

Horoscope – Are you smart? And if so, how? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Definitely Smart
If there is one thing that can be said about yourself it is that you are undoubtedly very smart and that you can use this trait in your favor, sometimes even at the risk of harming others. If something goes wrong, you are immediately ready to react appropriately and this, combined with the confidence you have towards yourself, makes you appear as a strong and resolute person. The truth is that sometimes you are more afraid than anyone else but thanks to the cunning you have you can mask all your weaknesses, making you a shield of everything you have available.

Taurus – Average Cunning
Generally, you are not someone who excels at cunning, especially because, as long as it is not needed, you try to focus only on your skills without relying on anything else. When the situation calls for it, however, cunning is on your side and allows you to move in the most appropriate way to make things turn in your favor. When this happens, you don’t have any problem letting it know that you have been acting solely in your own best interests, partly because as long as you can you avoid harming others by limiting yourself only to what you need.

Gemini – Cunning
You do not always excel in cunning but when you put yourself into it you give your best, putting a strain on anyone who dares to hinder your path with cunning that is difficult to predict and always able to get you the better of everyone. Too bad only for your fluctuating mood that sometimes gets in the way, leading you to not listen to yourself and to lose in situations in which you could instead be in a clear advantage. That said, yours is still a form of positive cunning, which never aims to harm others unless they are the first to act against you.

Cancer – Rather smart
More than smart you could say that you are good at turning things in your favor and at grasping the weaknesses of others and then exploiting them to your exclusive advantage. Already from this, it is clear that your cunning is not exactly positive but aimed at obtaining advantages. It matters little if you risk deceiving or lying to others to do so. For you, what matters is reaching the goal, which you do not always succeed in but which when it comes true is welcomed by you with extreme satisfaction.

Leo – Cunning
Your level of cunning is so high that it’s scary. You always know what to say and how to act to get what you want from people. And when you meet someone who can find out about your game by putting an end to them, your reaction isn’t positive at all. For you, being smart is a prerequisite to succeed in life and, above all, in work. Which you can almost always do and that doesn’t give you any sense of guilt if you have to hurt someone to do it. In the first place in your life, after all, there is you, followed immediately after by the people you love and for whom you are always ready to show cunning, tenacity, and combativeness.

Virgo – Not very smart
While you always go out of your way to be and look smart, it’s pretty easy to get the better of you. This is because when others get smart, it’s pretty easy to fool you and get you to their side. An error from which you never learn and which always pushes you to move with extreme caution and a certain mistrust. The same ones that you should use with everyone and that, at the very best, you stop applying, too often with the wrong people. Remembering past experiences in greater detail could help you turn things around.

Libra – Smart enough
It cannot be said that you are not smart, especially if there are things at stake that you care about and that you intend to obtain at any cost. Yours, however, is a positive cunning, which never makes fun of others but which simply aims to make you have what you think is right to be given to you. Most of the time, therefore, while having the opportunity to take advantage of situations, you avoid doing it, making the situation known to those who are at a disadvantage. A modus operandi that goes well with your always being a person attentive to justice. Yours is therefore a form of cunning that is mostly positive and can even leave something good for others.

Scorpio – Smart enough
In life, you can be smart like a few others and you always know when to put your way of being into play. Nonetheless, unless you are at war with someone, you always avoid delivering the coup de grace. On the contrary, if you think that others have wronged you, you use your cunning as a weapon to hurt, making sure that this happens and that you are recognized what is rightfully yours. An attitude that is not always understood but that has its code of honor, which is enough for you to make you feel with a clear conscience. In your case, therefore, it can be said that your cunning is negative or positive depending on the cases and circumstances.

Sagittarius – Smart but often out of the question
You are certainly a smart person. Too bad you often use
this weapon in the wrong way, bragging to the people who of all are the ones who would never compete with you. Understanding others deeply has never been your strong point and this leads you to often feel alone and misunderstood to the point of warning yourself of anyone and feeling at the center of a war that is not yours. It is in these moments that you put your cunning into action, most of the time making mistakes and making them negative in their way. Learning to think more and act only after you have proof of what you think could help you better manage the tools you have in hand.

Capricorn – Not very smart
If there is one thing you always try to do is to be as smart as possible, to get what you hope for both in work and in everyday life. When this does not happen, it is because on the other hand you are not as smart as you would like and this sometimes leads you to feel insecure. The truth is that it would be enough for you to observe yourself better around you to understand how to move every single time, thus managing to refine even your poor skills of cunning to make it useful for your purposes. In this case try to remember that based on how you put it into play it can represent a weapon and that therefore, unless you want to give it a negative connotation, it is always better to moderate yourself as much as possible.

Aquarius – Clearly
smart There are very few doubts about the fact that you are smart and this depends on the fact that you are the first exponent of your way of being. Always ready to surprise others you like to make fun of them, showing the two qualities and making known your abilities to fool them as you wish. An attitude that often risks making you turn away people who otherwise would be your friends and all for a useless glory and which on the other hand does not lead to much. Since you don’t lack cunning, try to use it in your favor, making it positive and getting you closer to others. Because although you often tend to think you can go it alone, the truth is that like everyone you need a support network, just like everyone.

Pisces – Smarter than you want
The sensitivity and strong empathy that have always distinguished you, make you an intuitive person and able to put a certain cunning into play. At the same time, however, always because of your being able to identify with others, the desire to make use of this tool is always low, pushing you to move in other ways. Your being smart is therefore positive towards others but sometimes negative towards yourself. A little more balance would certainly benefit your life, guaranteeing you greater success and more serenity.

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