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Horoscope For The Week Of May 1-7. Leos Receive Important News Related To Home Or Family

The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, on May 5, ends not only this season of eclipses but also a series of major changes that have shaken our lives since May 15, 2022.

Other important astrological aspects of the week are the entry into retrograde motion of Pluto, on May 1, as well as the aspect between retrograde Mercury and the Sun. These will bring moments of revelation, as well as the disclosure of some secrets.

Despite the chaos and the hectic period, there is also a beautiful part of this week. None of us has to go through all the challenges that come our way alone. Connections and relationships prove to be important support systems.

Discover the horoscope for the week of May 1-7 for your zodiac sign:


The lunar eclipse on May 5 allows you to free yourself from debt. An honest discussion with a close friend or family member gives you a new perspective and helps you discover that your situation is not as serious as you thought.


The lunar eclipse on May 5 represents a turning point for one of your closest relationships. It can be an engagement, a breakup, or a new business relationship. Knowing where you stand in a partnership allows you to explore your own identity more easily. Stop limiting yourself and try to discover all the possibilities.


This week is one of the busiest weeks you’ve had recently. The lunar eclipse on May 5 highlights how many new responsibilities you have taken on in recent months. The secret is to find out how to do a better job so that you don’t burn out in the future. This week, do something that gives you back the joy of living.


The lunar eclipse on May 5 brings a closure that you needed in your romantic or creative life. It is enough to be yourself, to discover what you want, and to satisfy your own needs and desires. Don’t forget that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone, only yourself.


The lunar eclipse on May 5 brings you some troubling news related to your family life or home. Maybe your parents are ready to sell the house you grew up in, the house you are renting is up for sale or you discover that it is necessary to renovate your house. Whatever the situation, it’s time to let go of something you thought would remain unchanged forever.


The lunar eclipse on May 5 brings major news for a close friend or a brother or sister. It’s not about you, but it has a significant impact on you too. You will face a situation that will bring you some obligations or new responsibilities.


There is a turning point in your financial situation with the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5. The end of a chaotic period for you in terms of money is announced. Since May 2022, you have faced financial fluctuations, and now the situation is reaching a climax.


The lunar eclipse on May 5 takes place in your sign and marks the end of a tumultuous period for your image and identity. In the last year, you made some significant improvements in your health, but you felt that these changes limited your freedom. In the following weeks, you will feel freer and more relaxed.


The lunar eclipse on May 5 could bring you a kind of existential crisis. While everyone around you is dealing with emotional or material situations, such as breakups, money problems, or family conflicts, you are forced to accept what you cannot control. Set aside time to rest and meditate this week.


The lunar eclipse on May 5 may bring you away from a friend. Even if it was not completely unexpected, it is still a sudden change. For some time you have felt that you are not appreciated and it is better to move away than to force something that is not working. Although reconciliation is possible in the future, for now, accept the situation and come to terms with the idea.


The lunar eclipse on May 5 brings an important moment in your career or your public image. It’s not necessarily about a promotion or a more important role, but more about simplifying your work so that you become a better leader. It is also possible to change your field of activity.


The lunar eclipse on May 5 brings you an unexpected opportunity to travel, start new studies or discover your spiritual side. In the last, year you acquired knowledge that influenced your vision of life and your long-term plans. This week is ideal for connecting with a teacher or a mentor who will confirm that you are on the right path.

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