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November is upon us and for some zodiac signs, it promises to be an intense month of tears. Here’s what will happen sign by sign.

There are just a few days to the beginning of November and many are already wondering what to expect from this new month. With the arrival of November Jupiter is still retrograde and will be until the 23rd of the month.

On October 28th Jupiter will cross the sign of Aries and then that of Pisces.  Jupiter retrograde will have a particular impact on all the signs of the Zodiac, on some in particular. A retrograde planet usually heralds difficulties concerning the evolution of life.

November forecasts for each zodiac sign

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Aries may feel the sensation of going through a difficult phase in their life but this will not be the case for all natives of this sign. Many Aries natives will feel strong because they have passed even more difficult trials in the past and now feel more determined and courageous than ever.

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Jupiter retrograde encourages Taurus not to make soups at the work level. It is the case that this sign learns to focus on one project at a time. Jupiter will help this sign to find happiness in this month, which all in all will be positive. Only love might be a little dull on the level of passion. In this period it is better to keep close by counting on affection and humor.

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Gemini will feel the need to recharge its batteries in November to better face the months to come. This sign will channel all his energies of him and do so he will enjoy a well-deserved rest during this period.

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Cancer in November will feel particularly uncertain, will doubt their abilities, and will have the feeling that they do not have the necessary means to face their life. This sign will be able to count on the support of loved ones around him this month.

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Mars in Gemini will make Leo feel stronger than ever and very lucid, both professionally and emotionally. This sign will feel he knows exactly what he wants and where to go.

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Virgo will want to face new challenges in November. Although Jupiter transiting in Pisces will cause him some mental confusion, Virgo will feel that he has the strength necessary to overcome even himself. This sign in November will be more motivating than ever.

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The Libra native in November will overcome any obstacle both professionally and sentimentally, everything will be booming and everything bodes well especially business. Libra will have encounters that will change its financial outlook.

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November will be a wonderful month for Scorpio and this is thanks to the interaction of Mercury, the Sun, and Venus which together will bring a series of pleasant events to this sign. Nice surprises are just around the corner.

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Sagittarius is usually a positive sign but its perennial smile may fade in November. Sagittarius like Aries will have some difficulties this month and will feel the anxiety of not being able to overcome the difficulties. The stars advise him to trust in his optimism to find the alternative he needs.

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Capricorn will push beyond its limits in November. Strong, enthusiastic, and highly stimulated this sign will carry out projects that will overwhelm his income.

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The sign of Aquarius in November will feel lacking in patience, this could cause not a little damage both at the couple level and at the social level. The stars advise this sign to keep calm, losing patience could push him over the limits and he would regret it.

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Pisces will feel frustrated in November and will continually think about the projects they have not finished and what they will do in the future. Jupiter retrograde rages bringing uncertainty. The stars advise not to give in to this orientation and to remember your worth and your merits.

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