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Horoscope For The Week Of December 4-10

This week everything has to do with Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money.

On December 4, Venus enters the mysterious sign of Scorpio, which makes power struggles the center of attention. On December 6, the planet of love forms an aspect with Saturn, and on December 9, it is an aspect with Jupiter. Love becomes stronger when we look inside and choose to respect our limits.

Also this week, on December 6, Neptune, the planet of illusions and fantasy, resumes its direct movement, an aspect that influences us to see everything in pink. It is difficult for us to make the difference between what is real and what is just a dream or a fantasy under the influence of this transit.

On December 7, Mercury is in conjunction with Jupiter and brings us inspired ideas that can be put into practice.

Discover the horoscope for the week of December 4-10 for your zodiac sign:


The entry of Venus into Scorpio on December 4 encourages you to open your heart and look honestly at your darkest moments. True intimacy and closeness appear when you are sincere and open to your soul. It may seem unimportant to you to ask for help with your problems when others are facing even more difficult ones. But you should not miss this opportunity to free yourself from negative emotions.


The transit of Venus through Libra ends and for you, it brings the realization that sustained effort has consequences. Venus in Scorpio, which begins on December 4, brings a decrease in your vitality and energy level. But at the same time, it allows you to put aside your dramas to be with others during the Holiday season. Sincere gratitude from a close person makes you feel good and inspires you to move on.


It may seem a little boring, but you have to focus on the practical parts in the next few weeks. Making time for meditation, introspection and moments spent only with you helps you set your priorities and see more clearly what you need to do. It is a good time to think about the next step in your career. You will have inspiration on December 6.


Even if Venus is not in its element in the Scorpio sign, for you it is one of the most romantic periods of this year. The planet of love is in your sector of romance and pleasure, which brings you romantic encounters, creative inspiration, and, in general, a relaxed approach to life. On December 9, you organize a meeting with your closest friends and even if it is not at all easy to be the host, you enjoy the wonderful atmosphere you create.


This week you realize that your plans for the holidays are quite difficult to put into practice. The entry of Venus into Scorpio and your home sector on December 4 gives you the feeling that you want to put work on the back burner and that you need to hibernate. A major deadline, on December 9, forces you to leave this state and give your best. The quiet moments spent with the family recharge your batteries.


You are in the full creative process this week: testing new recipes, arranging holiday decorations, and trying to find the right gifts for everyone. You are so excited about your hobbies and passions on December 7 that you feel the need to share them with everyone. Communication plays a very important role for you this month, so don’t be afraid to share with others what brings you joy.


It wouldn’t be the Holiday season for you if there weren’t some complicated family situations to deal with. Older conflicts come to the surface, and the entry of Venus into Scorpio brings a decrease in your energy level. But this aspect is beneficial to earn more money. On December 9, an opportunity appears related to work or housing that inspires you to have big dreams.


The entry of Venus into your sign on December 4 brings improvements to your image, personal style, and self-esteem. In the last months, you went through a real existential crisis, and now you feel confident and ready to shine. It is the ideal time to adopt a new look or make a change in your wardrobe.


It’s a very busy week for you at work, but after Venus enters Scorpio and your subconscious sector on December 4, you’re daydreaming. You imagine all kinds of plans, not exactly realistic, but which give you a feeling of well-being. Use this aspect to bring more magic into your everyday life.


Your social schedule is hectic this week and you have a lot of invitations, both personally and professionally. Venus enters your friendship sector on December 4 and everyone wants to spend time with you. You organize a party or a meeting with friends on December 9.


Venus enters Scorpio and your career sector on December 4, which gives you more confidence in your relationship with your superiors at work. Under this influence, you get major advantages from important clients. Go out into the world and make the most of this beneficial aspect, while it lasts.


For the first time, the Holiday season doesn’t seem as chaotic as usual and is more of an opportunity to reconnect with friends from all aspects of your life. On December 7, a conversation at a party leads to a job opportunity or a very interesting romantic date. Neptune resumes its direct movement in your sign this week and you feel like you are the luckiest person in the world.

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