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Horoscope: find out if you are digital addicted or if what you have is a peaceful relationship.

Those who argue that ours is the digital age are not so wrong. After all, among smartphones, tablets, 3D consoles and new inventions always ready to surprise us, it is now practically impossible to find someone who does not use them for at least 5% of their day.
Unfortunately, if in many cases everything that is digital could help us live a better life, many let themselves get carried away and end up losing other aspects perhaps less glossy but certainly more important, which is why, more and more often, we hear about addiction to social media, video games, selfies, etc … A problem that often makes you smile but which in some cases can become pathological, compromising the life of those involved and those around them. In some respects, the tendency to approach things in a morbid way, especially if of this type, may also depend on the stars. For this reason, we will try to find out whether or not we are addicted to digital.

In what relationship do you live with digital? Find out based on your zodiac sign

Aries – Very relaxed
Your relationship with digital is somewhat relaxed. You generally like to stay informed and try out new games. In case you get passionate you can get to play a few hours a week but everything tends to run out like this. Even with social media, your relationship is quite flexible. You use them to snoop around but you always prefer the classic phone call. In short, digital has taken a fairly small place in your life, allowing you to continue enjoying moments with family and those with friends.

Taurus – In moderation
The world of digital fascinates you and with it the infinite possibilities that lie behind it. For this reason you tend to be interested in it and make sure that you are always well informed on the subject. Between a game and a chat, however, always make sure to keep your eyes on what is happening around you. This helps you to keep yourself at the right distance from the risk of addictions of this type, helping you to keep your social network active, even off the web.

Gemini – With particular interest
Your way of experiencing digital is very personal and depends on what attracts you in the moment. Always looking for something that can excite you and keep you away from the dreaded boredom, you use digital media above all to escape. For this reason, you are often glued to your smartphone, able to intrigue you between games, news and various social networks. Fortunately, your being constantly in search of news, sometimes leads you to get tired of the web too. In short, you alternate between moments of almost dependence with others of apparent detachment. A rather eccentric way but that belongs to you 100%.

Cancer – With some detachment
Let’s face it, you’re made more for the old-fashioned stuff. All this technology isn’t exactly for you. Better a book, a steaming cup of tea and a chat with a few friends. For this reason, the risk that you can become addicted to digital media is practically non-existent and this despite the fact that in times of boredom you are even ready to dive into them a thousand, experimenting them in full enough to spend several hours. However, these are brief parentheses after which you return to your way of life, completely foreign, with minor exceptions, from digital.

Leone – With passion
More than devices in general, what attracts you the most about digital is the possibility of being able to be the protagonist not only of your own world but of that of others. The idea of ​​being able to film yourself and enter the life of people who don’t even know you electrifies you by appeasing your constant need to appear and be the center of attention. For this reason you risk falling into a sort of addiction, not so much from digital but from yourself and the desire to emerge. Paying attention in this regard, also with the help of relatives and friends, can therefore be a valid alternative.

Virgo – With the digital method
For you, digital represents a way to live better and to enrich everyday life, giving it potential otherwise impossible to reach. Therefore, between smartphones, tablets and computers you tend to keep yourself super updated, always trying to have the best and learning how much there is to know about each of their uses. But yours is a method that, as a precise person, suits you and that has nothing to do with addictions, which allows you to fully experience the digital world without running any risk.

Libra – With a vision that is a little too ideal
On the surface you are the most social person there is, so much in the digital world that you can be addicted to it. In reality, however, yours is more than anything else curiosity to which you add a pinch of interest and desire to include this aspect of your life among the things that can make you feel good. For you, after all, nothing makes sense if it lacks beauty or harmony and for this reason, you try to get close only to what can plead your cause. At home you will therefore have tablets and stylish devices but that does not mean that you spend your life with them. In some cases, their role is more decorative than anything else.

Scorpio – Taking its fascination
Digital attracts and fascinates you and this makes it potentially a danger. In fact, the moment you approach something new, you tend to get sucked into it completely, giving it all your attention. This means that you will have to practice keeping life beyond devices and online life separate. The risk is in fact to find yourself around constantly on the phone. On the bright side, you are indeed up for this world to such an extent that your future career may be based on it. Better not to exclude it a priori, therefore, but simply learn to live it without exaggeration.

Sagittarius – With enthusiasm
Digital media are for you like an extension that can take you where you want even when you can’t move from where you are. Through smartphones and tablets you can organize travel itineraries, keeping in touch with the people you meet around the world. In short, as you are a lover of travel and everything that is outside your usual rounds, the web for you is a real godsend without which you would not live as well. However, yours is not addictive and this is because your life is so full that you don’t have time to fix just one passion at a time.

Capricorn – As with everything else
Everything digital is just as much a part of your reality to you as everything else that belongs to you. For this reason, even if you use it you don’t have a particular attraction. You find it convenient, sometimes you enjoy using social media and communicating with friends. For you, however, it remains as a useful tool to use to live better. Therefore, there is no dependence, but rather a relationship of pure service which, among other things, also has the particularity of being pleasant.

Aquarius – Feeling particularly attracted
to it Social, pc programs, hardware and communication systems have always fascinated you. For you, the digital world has almost no secrets and it fascinates you, leading you to try to explore everything as much as possible. Browsing and making new friends or finding ways to make your life easier through the sensible use of the many devices you have at your disposal is one of your favorite pastimes. For this reason, the risk of being dependent on it, albeit low, is there. This is why you should strive not to isolate yourself more than you do due to your nature, creating spaces for yourself free of digital distractions and in which to live life by taking it head on, hanging out with friends and being among people.

Pisces – As if they could lead you into an alternative
Creative reality as you are, experience the digital world as if it were a portal capable of leading you to a parallel reality but different from the one you know. The internet in particular makes you feel like you can become someone else, giving you ways to truly feel yourself, without those masks you have to wear in everyday life. Somehow, therefore, on the web you pour your truest part. Nonetheless, you basically don’t seem to run the risk of an addiction, unless you are in a particularly difficult period in which the desire to estrange yourself is likely to prevail. But for that, just be careful, right?

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