Do you want to experience something new? Here’s what restaurant to go to based on your zodiac sign.

When deciding to try something new to eat, choosing is often difficult. We find ourselves divided between the desire to experiment with something new and not to make mistakes but to rely on the flavors that we already know. Sometimes, indecision can be such as wasting a lot of time, only to end up always opting for the same solution. A bit like when you ask for the menu and then always choose the same dish. Since even personal taste and preferences are at least partially influenced by the stars, today after having seen which is the ideal hot drink for each zodiac sign and whether or not we are smartphone addicts, we will find out which restaurant can do for us. As always, especially when it comes to tastes, checking the profile of your ascendant can make the opinion of the stars more precise.

Here’s what could be the right restaurant for each zodiac sign

Aries – American fast food
Always in a hurry and usually with well-defined tastes, your palate could go well with American fast food. Not like those of the big chains but a sophisticated one that offers a typical menu with sandwiches and norms and condiments of your choice. Something that makes you feel like you are really in America and that makes your taste buds party. Furthermore, the cheerfulness and spontaneity typical of these places will make you feel at ease, just as if you were at home.

Toro – The Spanish restaurant
You are not a person who loves changes even if it must be said that you try a lot to challenge yourself and always push yourself a little further. In order not to go too far, therefore, you could experiment with different cuisine but one that is based on ingredients that in some way you already know. An example? A restaurant with Spanish cuisine, where you can taste a paella or some typical dish that you have already seen or heard in some way and therefore will not make you feel completely out of place.

Gemelli – The Mexican restaurant
If there is one thing you like to do in life it is to vary and try new flavors. Even better if it is something decided. So what’s better than a dinner in a good Mexican restaurant? The colorful, tasty, and spicy cuisine typical of this kitchen will pleasantly surprise you, leaving you with an excellent memory, such as to push you to want to repeat it several times without running the risk of getting tired as often happens with other kitchens.

Cancer – The Arab restaurant
When you decide to do something you do it big. If it comes to change, then, you might as well experiment with something that is far from your strings. You may not like it but at least you will have had the experience to tell and that will still be fun at the moment. After all, if you are in good company, anything is fine, not to mention that you might like bread and pastries much more than you think.

Leone – The Variare regional restaurant
you like it but not so much. An experience that you might like, therefore, is to try the typical cuisine of a place. And if it’s about traveling to countries you don’t know, you might as well do it starting from Italy. It will certainly be a taste experience that will allow you to make comparisons and strike up funny conversations with the people who will share this moment with you. A dinner that will surely impress you, regardless of the result.

Vergine – The Italian restaurant
Changing habits is not for you, the best restaurant you can go to is, therefore, the Italian one. Habitual and refractory to change as you are, after all, no one expects anything other than you. But try to experiment at least with something different than usual. Trying new dishes, strange as it may seem, you may even like it. If you are not convinced, try to propose a series of tastings to share with others and get out of your comfort zone a bit.

Libra – The French restaurant
For you, elegance and beauty must reign supreme, even at the table. French cuisine, in this sense, could be the best choice, the one able to satisfy you both from an aesthetic point of view and from that of taste. The delicate flavor of mousse and, in particular, of desserts, will be ideal for making you appreciate this new taste experience. And who knows it will not become one of your favorite kitchens.

Scorpio – The Chinese restaurant
The cuisine, for you, must be tasty and possibly far from what you are used to eating. So what’s better than Chinese cuisine? Between spring rolls and dishes rich in spices and flavors, you will be sure to have a pleasant experience starting with the appetizer and ending with the dessert. A mix of flavors and aromas that will conquer you, dish after dish.

Sagittarius – The African restaurant
Since you love to travel, why not do it with the kitchen as well? One to absolutely try is for example the African one, known for its strong and undoubtedly unforgettable flavors. Going to a typical restaurant will give you the feeling of really being on the go, making your evening different from the usual and one to remember. Seeing is believing.

Capricorn – The Indian restaurant
A cuisine that can adapt to your palate is the Indian one. Spiced and varied in its genre, it will be able to tease you, enticing you both to try the various dishes and to taste those of your table mates. In a place like this, the more you taste, the more you will have fun. All for a pleasant experience even in the flavors, so much so that you want to come back as soon as possible.

Aquarius – The Korean restaurant
Since standing out is something you always enjoy so much, why not try Korean cuisine? These are difficult flavors that not everyone likes and in your case you will experiment with curiosity and pleasure. And if there is a way to do it in the company, then so much the better. Everything will certainly be a different experience from what you usually do and that will become a memory to keep in your heart. Even more so if the experiment can be said to be successful.

Pesci – The Japanese restaurant
For you, simple things are the best, if they are also good and with a particular flavor, even better. The cuisine that best suits you is therefore the Japanese one. Colorful, creative, versatile, and with a series of flavors that are hard not to love. Especially if like you love good and colorful food. Dinner in a good Japanese restaurant is therefore absolutely worth trying, both in terms of sushi and more classic dishes.


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