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Do you suspect your other half is unfaithful to you? Based on his zodiac sign, he may leave you more or less precise clues.

When you love one another, one of the greatest fears is that of being betrayed and left behind. If for the end of a love story you think you can identify various signs, for a betrayal things are different, so much so as to make it the greatest fear of every lover.
Of course, having 100% proof, unless you hire a private investigator, is definitely difficult, but there are small clues that every person tends to leave behind when he begins to be unfaithful and this is true even if it is about the one time mistake.
In this case, the stars come to our aid that directly affect the way each person behaves after cheating and all according to the zodiac sign.
After seeing how to behave when you are jealous and if you are destined to win after a fight , today we will try to understand what are the clues that each zodiac sign leaves behind after a betrayal . Be careful, however, because each person is a micro cosmos in itself and it is not certain that everyone acts in the same way, a clue, therefore, does not necessarily represent a proof. Having said that, it is always better to also check the ascendant which in these cases can play an important role.

Is your he unfaithful to you? Find out by how he behaves according to his zodiac sign

Aries – Getting more and more distant
Those born under the sign of Aries are people who think a lot about their personal well-being. When they fall in love, therefore, they tend to spend a lot of time with their partner, however, completely changing their attitude if things start to go wrong. Obviously, we are not only talking about a crisis but also about any emotional detachments, just like those that can arise if interest suddenly turns on for someone else. In case of betrayal, therefore, the first indication of an Aries will be that given by the distancing and often appearing distracted. A way of doing that can exist even before the actual betrayal takes place.

Taurus – Starting to ask for their spaces
Taurus natives are people who are usually quite loyal. If the concept of family has not yet been established in them, however, betrayal is not a possibility to be excluded. When it happens, however, it leads them to feel guilty to the point of distancing themselves and asking for their own space in order to reflect on what happened and on how to behave. In general, in fact, a betrayal is almost never a purely physical thing and, also including an emotional involvement, it puts their whole world in crisis, even leading them to think that they have to choose between the two people in their life. Even a note of irritability, then, could be a clue to what is happening in their mind.

Gemini – Being Indifferent
Discovering the betrayal of someone born under the astrological sign of Gemini is really difficult. This is due to the fact that it is a calculating sign and that it never acts without having planned everything. For this reason, when he chooses to betray he has already built an internal alibi as well as one to give as an explanation to possible suspects. In short, if you are with a Gemini person, the only option is to rely on your intuition and listen to instinct, often able to grasp even those otherwise imperceptible micro signals.

Cancer – Showing Insecurity
Betrayal is not part of the way of thinking of those born under the sign of cancer. It is also true, however, that in a moment of anger or in which they want to make their partner pay for it, they can get to conceive it or even put it into practice. This, with a clear mind, leads them to feel gravely guilty and to immediately show it. Their emotionality will become more pronounced and if cornered they could even confess everything, trying, however, to blame the betrayed person, guilty of having pushed them this far with the wrong behavior.

Leo – Becoming less and less caring
The natives of Leo are usually very attentive to the well-being of their partner. In case of betrayal, however, they tend to become more distracted and less thoughtful. A sudden detachment, therefore, unless you arrive at a time of strong stress or commitments that go beyond their will, could depend precisely on an ongoing betrayal or on having met a person able to make his heart beat to the point. from not knowing how to manage the main relationship. Discovering them, therefore, is quite simple. Be careful, however, because sometimes this way of acting can take place even without a betrayal but due to doubts about history. Before coming to any accusations, it is therefore best to investigate so as not to worsen any doubts about your relationship.

Virgo – Showing themselves extremely nervous
Those born under the sign of Virgo are very precise people and lovers of order and schematic things. This is also reflected in their way of experiencing relationships. A betrayal, therefore, can only push them into chaos, leading them to be more and more nervous because of the fear of being discovered, of always having to have an alibi and having to manage more than one person. If your boyfriend suddenly gets nervous, then, there is a good chance that there is a betrayal behind him or that he is planning one. Obviously, any moments of tension at work or family problems that could justify everything without having anything to do with infidelity should also be considered.

Libra – Being evasive
Libra natives do not like to overdo the externalization of emotions. Even in the event of betrayal, therefore, their first move will be to live everything with extreme calm, perhaps too much. A clue that could be caught is in fact that of their suddenly becoming more evasive, just like when they have something to hide. That said, it is really difficult to discover them, precisely because of this form of self-control that allows them to react almost perfectly even when cornered. The key word here is “almost”. Perhaps, by really knowing them, it will be possible to learn to understand the slight inflections of the voice or the way of looking that can indicate, among other things, a betrayal.

Scorpio – Becoming even more mysterious
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are quite adept at lying and although not inclined to betrayal, for stories that are still in the beginning or when they find themselves in a moment of stalemate that lasts too long, they can end with giving in, especially if they feel involved even sentimentally or head-on. When this happens their way of acting does not change very much, however, those who know them well may notice small differences in their way of communicating. In fact, the tendency is to speak less and to withdraw into a sort of world apart, made up of reflections that only they are aware of.

Sagittarius – Taking the distance Grasping
the betrayal of those born under the sign of Sagittarius is not difficult. As free people as they are, in fact, if they feel involved by other people they tend to distance themselves even before they betray. Moreover, after a moment of infidelity, they will question themselves about what happened, coming to the conclusion that most likely the story they are living is not the right one for them. For this reason, betrayal very often coincides with the end of the relationship unless this is somehow able to be reborn after the fall.

Capricorn – Changing his version of events often
Those born under this sign are not particularly sincere. However, they are also very emotional and this aspect leads them to betray themselves frequently, especially in the face of betrayal. While flaunting security, in fact, they will tend to give different versions of things, often stumbling on the questions that are asked and getting nervous when they realize they have made a mistake. To discover them, therefore, it will be enough to put them with their backs to the wall and ask them all the appropriate questions. They are likely to betray themselves and admit the mistake or try to hide it so blatantly as to be an admission of guilt.

Aquarius – Closing In Even More Self
Exposing an Aquarius traitor is quite difficult. To do this, you need to know the person in question well and be able to grasp even the smallest signs. Their way of doing, in fact, will not change at all. However, there will be small changes such as an increase in the periods in which they need to be alone or longer silences than usual. Unless you want to put a private investigator behind him, then, the right thing to do is to perk up your antennae in search of the smallest clue.

Pisces – Speaking Too Much When Feeling Bad
The natives of Pisces are essentially romantic people and not very accustomed to betrayal. If this were to happen, therefore, the sense of guilt would be very strong seizing them right on their emotional side. For this reason, when faced with targeted questions, they will tend to give more explanations than they should, often getting stuck with the words and appearing almost in a confused state. A sign that if they have not betrayed they have committed something for which they are not at all proud.

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