Zodiac Signs

Highlighting the Bad Habit You Need to Break Based on Your Zodiac Sign.

Aries: Your arrogance

You don’t believe they are always right, but…you give the impression that you are. You have an energetic presence that is always ready to take the reigns of most situations. You often think if you don’t do it, who will? Plus, you do think you are doing everyone else a favor- and you need to watch that over-confident mindset at times.

Taurus: Your desire for things to never change

Taurus isn’t one to change up their routines or habits unless they are forced- and that can cause more issues than they realize. While it’s fine to want to do things the way you like to, you can be rigid when someone tries to introduce something different. You’re more willing to shut out a new concept, even if it will be better for you and everyone else involved. Sometimes you have to be able to bend a little.

Gemini: Your tendency to not appreciate what you have

Unlike Taurus, you aren’t afraid of change- but that can be a vice, too. You have a hard time feeling complacent with where you are or what you have, and you are more willing to go chase after something new and exciting to feel better. You need to learn how to stick things out sometimes, because you’ll be surprised and what you may discover.

Cancer: Your passive-aggressive tendencies

You try to put on a good front for people most of the time, but if you start to feel unappreciated or ignored you can become pretty passive-aggressive. This usually doesn’t end well for anyone, because no one knows what is bothering you, and you refuse to tell them. You need to be more honest about when you’re upset- it will be healthier for you and everyone else involved.

Leo: Allowing your jealousy of others to remain unchecked

You have plenty of pride, but it’s for good reason. However, you sometimes use the jealousy you have of others to drive you forward- and it’s not always a good thing. Even when you have a great job, partner, or life, you feel the need to compare yourself to others who have what you don’t. While it may motivate you, it can also be your downfall if you aren’t careful.

Virgo: Believing you know better than anyone else

Let’s be honest- you usually have great insight and you’re very knowledgeable. However, you tend to believe that you know what’s best for everyone else better than they do- and sometimes you don’t. You want to control a situation so things play out as you anticipated, but you can’t always know what is going to be the best thing for others- don’t assume you always have the right answer.

Libra: Your need to never hurt anyone’s feelings

You can’t make everyone happy Libra, though we both know you’ll try. While trying to let people down easy can be kind in some situations, it can’t always happen. You may have good intentions, but the moment when you’re willing to lie or refuse to make a decision because of what others will think- things can get out of hand quickly.

Scorpio: Testing your love interests and friends to see if they’re trustworthy

You struggle with trusting people, which isn’t anything new. However, because you want to know if you are safe with someone, you have a habit of “testing” them to see how trustworthy they are. While it makes sense to want to get a sense of a person’s motives, you can’t make everyone jump through hoops- because we can never fully know if someone is 100% honest with us at all times. You’ll eventually breed some resentment from others who want to be close to you, and we know that isn’t really what you want.

Sagittarius: Breaking your promises

On a surface level, you never want to let your friends or partners down. You have good intentions and mean what you say at the moment. However, sometimes you allow those promises to fall through because of a new opportunity or the fear of being tied to a commitment. While we will all occasionally let people down, you allow it to happen more often than you should.

Capricorn: Your refusal to open up

No one is saying you have to express your emotions 24/7, but would it kill you to occasionally try, Capricorn? You seem to believe there isn’t a good reason to open up to others, but that’s exactly what helps you connect and form stronger connections. While you may be hesitant to do that, if you keep embracing this bad habit, it will be much more difficult to open up to someone you genuinely care for.

Aquarius: Your lack of communication

You are in charge of who gets your time and energy, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be better at communicating about what’s going on. You tend to leave people hanging when you need some time alone, and while you’re allowed to need a breather, it can be confusing for those who may think you’re upset or angry with them for some reason.

Pisces: Your tendency to procrastinate

Everyone deserves a break at times, and it’s a good idea to take care of yourself. However, you have a bad habit of procrastinating things until the last second, and it can be overwhelming for you and others. If you need help, it’s okay to ask for it- but putting things off repeatedly is only going to hurt you more in the end.

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