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The stars reveal which is the luckiest day of this month for each zodiac sign. That’s when March will smile at you in 2022.

Despite the cold of the last few days, the arrival of March is an omen of sunshine and renewal. Spring, the flowering vegetation, and the warmth will make this month particularly pleasant. BUT March never ceases to amaze. He has reserved a lucky day for each zodiac sign. Discover yours.

In recent months Mercury, the planet of communication, has been retrograde and many signs have felt the burden of not being able to communicate with others, they have felt frustrated and have suffered too many conflicts. Fortunately, everything will change with March. Better days are coming, one in particular for each zodiac sign.

Tell me what sign you are and I’ll tell you what day March will bring you luck

What will be your lucky day in March 2022? Find out based on your zodiac sign and try your luck on this day. The New Moon in Pisces will bring a lot of news. You are about to regain your balance and your serenity, use this state of mind for important projects to be carried out on your lucky day.

Aries. Lucky day: March 2nd

The natives of Aries are fire signs and besides being passionate they are very instinctive and hyperactive. Their lucky day of the month was March 2, the day of the new moon in Pisces. That day you felt the need to take care of yourself and you found yourself. Now you can take stock and make a list of your ambitions.

Taurus. Lucky day: March 23rd

Taurus is an Earth sign, in addition to being very attached to its roots and loving the outdoors is also very pragmatism and rational. On March 23, the stars plan to make the dreams of this sign come true. Pack your bags, it’s time to take a chance.

Gemini. Lucky day: March 18th

This sign is resourceful. Friendly and sociable, he loves company, and next March 18th the stars will be in his favor to resolve any conflicts born with his friends or loved ones. There is always something unresolved, this is the right day to settle all the differences.

Cancer. Lucky day: March 5th

For Cancer, there was a change of direction on March 5th, the day when he felt positive energy permeate his whole body. That energy is now the time to use it for the realization of a new project or to undertake a new job. The change that will follow these days is bound to bring you success.

Leo. Lucky day: March 20th

Leo will be particularly lucky on March 20th. You never liked taking risks but now is the time to take risks. You should move on to the next point, evolve and this is especially true for marriage. This is the time to have a child or choose a wedding date.

Virgo. Lucky day: March 18th

For Virgo, the lucky day is March 18th and on this day you will understand that the time is ripe to strengthen your romantic bond will be highlighted. You’ll want to bond with your partner and reconnect with people you thought were special.

Libra. Lucky day: March 22nd

Libra is a sign that always needs to find its balance. On March 22, you will have the opportunity to see friends you had long lost sight of and they will be the ones to bring new stability to your life.

Scorpio. Lucky day: March 10th

Fortune is near for Scorpio. Your lucky day is tomorrow. Something wonderful and very promising is about to happen to you. A new meeting, a decision that will prove to be the right one. What is certain is that what happens tomorrow will bring you a lot of joy in the coming months.

Sagittarius. Lucky day: March 21st

This zodiac sign has had some tough weeks. Spring day will also mark your rebirth and you will feel like a new person. Listen to yourself and act accordingly, do not fear, you will not make mistakes.

Capricorn. Lucky day: March 3rd

Capricorn is a sign loyal to duty and work. On March 3, luck knocked on your door and in those days you started evaluating a project that is the time to carry out both hands.

Aquarius. Lucky day: March 6th

Aquarius, is the most versatile sign of the zodiac, a few days ago, on March 6, he had the impression of coming out of his bubble and being ready to embark on new adventures. Take all the opportunities that life offers you these days still full of that influence.

Pisces. Lucky day: March 10th

Tomorrow also promises very well for fish. This romantic sign has long felt she has feelings that she cannot reveal. Tomorrow is the right day, find the time and opportunity to give free rein to your feelings. Throw yourself in and you will be happy.

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