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Special Chinese Horoscope: the Meaning of the Five Elements

In Chinese astrology, there are five zodiacal elements – wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – that influence the nature of each zodiac sign. Every year, such an element dominates the horoscope.

The five elements of the Chinese zodiac interact with each other in a certain order of creation and destruction.

In the creative cycle, the wood starts a fire, the fire creates earth, the earth holds metal, metal carries water, and water nourishes wood.

In the destructive cycle, fire melts metal, metal cuts wood, wood separates earth, the earth absorbs water, and water extinguishes fire.

This year, for example, is the year of the water rabbit.

Special Chinese horoscope for the five elements of Eastern astrology

The water

If the last number of your year of birth is 2 or 3, your element is water.

People born in water years are sensitive, romantic, and introverted. They don’t do well in stressful situations and tend to get lost in daydreams and become lonely. Water people love their own company and are at their creative best when left alone. However, they are very empathetic and friendly. They are like a magnet and attract dramatic people around them.

The water element is associated with the color black, with the winter season, and with the planet Mercury.


If the last number of your year of birth is 4 or 5, your element is wood.

People born in the years of wood are patient, caring, compassionate, and warm. Like a tree with extensive roots and strong branches that shelter many small creatures, wood people are good at communication and sociable at heart. They believe in growth and learning and are known to be wise beyond their years. People born in a year of wood can be competitive and obsessed with achievements.

The wood element is associated with the color green, with the spring season, and with the planet Jupiter.


If the last digit of your year of birth is 6 or 7, your element is fire.

People born in fire years are thrill seekers and pioneers, with great restlessness inside them! They are deeply passionate about life and like to share their passions with others, bringing them with them on the journey. In the negative manifestation of this element, it is known that the fire persists until it burns everything. So these natives are often advised to take it easy, walk around and try not to get angry so quickly.

The fire element is associated with the color red, the summer season, and the planet Mars.


If the last digit of your birth year is 8 or 9, your element is Earth.

Like the stable and life-giving earth beneath their feet, those born in earth years are known for their firmness, responsible nature, and desire for justice. They will always make peace and order around them. However, earth people can become extremely egocentric and controlling if they manifest the negative side of this element.

The earth element is associated with the color brown, with the season between summer and autumn, and with the planet Saturn.


If the last digit of your year of birth is 0 or 1, your element is metal.

People born in mental years can have a bipolar effect on their peers, some people love them, and others not so much. They do well in careers that require a high degree of concentration and precision. Metal people can be extremely hard and ruthless at times, forcing people to follow the rules.

The metal element is associated with the color white, with the autumn season, and with the planet Venus.

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