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In your quest for love, astrology reveals to you when you will meet your other half. Your astral belonging governs many interactions throughout your life path

In life, we very often undergo a fluid sequence of events, even if at times they seem to us, not responding to any logical sense or universal justice. However, it is enough to have faith in what the future can bring us.

While it may seem unlikely, astrology can reveal many things about you and your destiny, such as predicting when you will meet true love.

That’s when you will meet true love according to the stars

The fifth house: a place of pleasure

As a human being, you instinctively seek the love and appreciation of others. There is a more pronounced interest in capital A love than you might experience with that special someone for you. If you haven’t met her yet, it’s common for you to succumb to despair over several disappointing experiences.

Know that according to your astral affiliation, every aspect of your life is ruled by a house. The fifth house is the house of pleasure. Among the fluctuations that can take place in this house are important events in your love life. If you do a consultation of your astral sky and you see the influence of Venus on your fifth house, it means that a person will turn your heart upside down.

In astrology, we cannot define movements in the astral sky according to a single parameter. For a more complete view, we must also consider the fluctuations in the seventh house, the one that governs your relationships. To determine when love will enter your life, look at the sign in your fifth house. This interpretation will allow you to know the planet that rules this sign and what it holds for you shortly.

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Analyze your astral sky under the influence of the seventh house

The seventh house and its position about your astral sky can define the place where you will meet the other half. But many times this interpretation is not enough. It is important to define the planet or star that rules this house. This will give you more details about your other half and the relationship characteristics of your likely union.

To meet this much-desired person, the stars involved must line up at the level of your fifth and seventh house. The exact timing of this meeting always responds to the principle of divine timing. When the universe judges that you are ready to welcome this person into your life, that cosmic circumstances are favorable to them, and that your two stars will be aligned, it will appear in your life most suddenly.

To better explain how universal order works, imagine for a moment that you are not ready to welcome this special person into your life. You don’t even know. You may have a hard time managing your emotions or an unfortunate event will occur and you will eliminate any chance of success from this relationship. At the right time, when you have enough emotional maturity and astral conditions are optimal for this relationship to flourish, the universe will ensure that you meet great love. It might not be a good thing to wait, but if you think about it, you feel it when the cosmos is right.

The most beautiful plants are the ones that take the longest to sprout and bloom, just like your great love. Once you have it and are finally ready, you will thank the universe for making you wait so long.

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