Here How He’ll Ask you to go on a date , According To His Sign

Men try to say they’re not as complicated as women, but we all know the truth—they’re just as complex and have just as much drama. When it comes to relationships, he’s stressing out over how to ask her out just as much as she is over when he’ll ask (unless she isn’t afraid to initiate a date!).

Some guys would rather hold their feelings in for years, hoping the right opportunity arises, while others are quick to ask someone out. What kind of guys are timider and which ones jump the gun? Thankfully, the stars know the answer to this one. How a guy will ask a girl out on a date is largely dependent on his astrological sign.

One man may be more predisposed to wait until everything is perfect, while another could be the sort who would like to make sure the moment is perfect for his partner, not necessarily himself. Some will use gifts and others will rely on cheesy suggestions gleaned from a few hours of internet searching.

So, with so many possibilities on the table, how does a girl know how her (soon-to-be) man will move? Here’s how he’ll ask her out, according to his sign:

20Water Signs Will Make The Moment Perfect

Water signs are very romantic. They love being in love, so of course, they’re more inclined to go out of their way to ask a potential partner out in an over-the-top sort of way. He’ll try to make the ambiance just right so when he asks his would-be partner to be exclusively his, they’ll be more inclined to accept.

He’ll take the time to plan everything from ambiance to background music—he might even purchase a gift or two and might take his dream partner to an exclusive restaurant or favorite haunt. However he decides to go about it, it’s guaranteed everything will be perfect.

19Cancer Men Love The Setup

Preparing the location and his exact phrasing is almost as exciting as the anticipation of his love’s answer. Cancer guys may not always show it, but deep down they love surprising the person of their affection. He gets particularly energetic while planning the setup and will go out of his way to design the perfect ambiance.

He loves every moment, from the initial planning to the online research and finally to the execution of his carefully thought-out plans. Cancers are particularly good at choosing partners, so he’ll be sure to set everything up for someone who will appreciate his efforts.

18Scorpios Take Her To The Place They First Met

Nothing says, “I care” as much as remembering the tiny details. How often can a person say they remember where they were when they met someone? Unless it was during a memorable moment, or the person themselves was extremely memorable for some reason, it isn’t likely for either one to recall exactly where they initially met, especially if a lot of time has passed.

Others may forget, but the humble Scorpio will always remember the little things. To show how detail-focused he is, and to reveal how much each little thing means to him, he’ll take his potential bae to the place they first met when he asks them out.

17Pisces Set The Mood With Music

Most Pisces guys can agree their love for music is a necessary trait they have to share with a potential partner. He wants them to appreciate the simple strumming of a guitar as much as he does, so he’ll serenade his partner with music.

He might not be the one playing said music but if he’s not then he’s got the ultimate playlist going on in the background. He might even start a conversation about music to get things going, but guaranteed by the end of the conversation he’s going to be asking the other person to be his partner.

16Pisces BONUS: He’ll Deliver A Small Speech

It’s not that he’s trying to be over-the-top—a Pisces just wants to make sure he’s completely understood. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t know how to condense his words very well, so they can come spilling out. What could have been summed up in about three sentences suddenly becomes a huge three-minute speech.

The more he says, the more nervous he can get, which might make him talk a little faster and a little longer. Hopefully for the Pisces guy, his would-be partner is understanding and can look past his chatterbox ways long enough to let him know they’re interested in him regardless.

15Fire Signs Will Surprise Their Partners

Fire signs are often spontaneous, but that isn’t to say they won’t put some real effort into things every now and then. While he may not surprise a possible partner with a physical gift, he’s certain to surprise her in other ways. He loves the idea of springing the possibility of a relationship onto the other person, especially if they’re caught unaware!

How he goes about surprising his love is where things get interesting, as it depends on what sort of person he is. Maybe he’ll bring it up casually and maybe he’ll go out of his way to create the perfect environment, who knows? However he asks, he’s sure to surprise.

14Sagittarius Will Start With Jokes, Then Suddenly Get Serious

The Sagittarius man loves a good time. He’s happy to joke around with everybody, but he’s especially hoping his would-be partner will appreciate his humor more than anyone else. He’s hoping to win them over with his toothy grin, genuine laugh, and attractive personality, though he’s probably going to clean up as best he can as well.

What makes a Sagittarius so different from the other signs is he’s ready to take sharp turns. What starts out as a fun conversation will end with him asking to be exclusive. He won’t start blubbering about his feelings, instead, he’ll turn on the intensity and patiently wait for a response.

13Aries Are Unpredictable, But Their Nervous Demeanor Will Give Them Away!

Anyone who knows an Aries knows that most of them are bad at keeping things on the down-low. He’s just too excited to hold back! The same goes for his inability to keep a straight face when he’s feeling nervous about something. Asking someone out can be stressful, and an Aries knows better than any other sign just how bad the anxiety can be!

Odds are, he’s tried to muster up the courage before but didn’t manage it, so when he’s genuinely ready to make his move, he’s going to be very obvious about it. Thankfully, Aries tend to fall for genuine people who won’t mind the nervousness at all.

12Leo Men Pull Her Out Of The Friend-Zone By Blurting It Out At Random

Leos are pretty good at manipulating people—in a good way! He won’t go out of his way to hurt anyone, but he will make some extra effort to psych someone out. He won’t intentionally play games, but at the start of things, he’s going to friend-zone everyone.

Once he’s established real feelings for one person in particular, he’ll continue treating them like a normal friend all the way up to the point where he sort of springs the idea of dating out at them. They’re usually caught off-guard and have to ask if he’s serious, but guaranteed he always is.

11Leo BONUS: He’ll Use Flowers

For those rare occasions when a Leo is trying to be particularly romantic, he’ll find out what kinds of flowers his potential partner likes. Even if they’re expensive or hard to find, he’ll make it happen. He might show up to “hang out” but surprise the other person with the flowers, or he might initiate a meet-up and will pull the gift from a hidden place.

However he does it, some Leos are prepared to be romantic for the sake of the person they’re starting to fall for. Sometimes he won’t actually bring a bouquet—he’ll just have one or two buds—or he might create ambiance by spreading petals around. Regardless, he’ll use flowers in one way or another.

10Earth Signs Have To Build Up Courage

Earth signs may have most things carefully planned and figured out, but when it comes to love, everything flies right out the window! Love may be blind, but when an Earth sign falls, he’s dumb too! He can’t find the right words and struggles to admit his true feelings.

He’s afraid of getting rejected but he’s also stressing about keeping his feelings bottled up. Anyone who has ever been in this situation can sympathize. The great thing about Earth sign is once they’ve made up their mind about something, it’s really difficult to sway them. Once he’s ready to ask them out, he’s going to go for it!

9Taurus Guys Will Ask What She Thinks

Taurus guys will sometimes attempt to muster up the courage to ask a potential partner out, but while he’s working on it, he might say something like, “How do you think it would be if we started dating?” He won’t actually ask the other person out, he’ll form the general idea into a hypothetical.

While the other person won’t be fooled for a second, he’ll still feel less nervous about asking in a roundabout way than if he asked straight off. If he doesn’t ask as boldly as the example, he will still question any would-be partners in hopes of getting their opinion before finding the courage to just ask.

8Virgos Like To Give Her A Thoughtful Gift

He already knows what the other person might like and he’s hoping a small gift will help his chances. It might be small, to ask someone out on a date, or even to ask someone to be exclusive, but for a Virgo, it’s nerve-wracking! He can’t predict, with a 100 percent chance of complete accuracy, how the other person will respond, which freaks him out a little.

While a Virgo won’t be as nervous as his fellow Earth signs, he’s still guaranteed to feel out of his element, which might make him act in unexpected ways. To help keep himself grounded in something, he’ll definitely offer a small gift right before he asks the other person out.

7Capricorn Men Treat Her To A Meal First

Capricorn men are a little more in-tune with their potential partners than most other signs. More often than not, what his partner really wants is to be fed! While it may sound silly, he knows the true way to the heart is through the stomach. He’s more likely to find the courage to ask someone out after feeding them a decent meal.

Not only will he be satisfied with the meal but he’s hoping his dinner date will also be satisfied with the meal—and with the conversation so far. When he finally does ask, he’s hoping the odds will be in his favor.

6Capricorn BONUS: He’ll Perform A Sweet Gesture

Not all Capricorn guys immediately think of feeding their lovers, in fact, some would rather perform some kind of sweet gesture. It doesn’t necessarily have to be grand, but he will make a serious effort. Sometimes he’s willing to buy his would-be partner something they’ve had their eye on for a little while, or he might go as far as performing some kind of maintenance on their car.

Regardless of the length he’s willing to go for the sake of his beloved, no one will ever be able to question how genuine his feelings are. When he is ready to ask the person out, they’ll already see it coming, but at least it’ll be romantic!

5Air Signs Are Open And Honest With Their Partners

While some signs have to dance around the main point *ahem, Earth signs, ahem* others are able to communicate exactly how the feel the moment they feel it. Air signs aren’t bogged down with anxiety and they’re usually happy to share their feelings.

When an Air sign says they don’t feel a certain way, they’re not being coy, they’re just being their honest selves. So if he says he’s starting to foster some feelings for someone, it’s always genuine. He might not sweep a partner off of their feet with a grand proclamation of love or by setting up the perfect scene, but an Air sign just doesn’t see the point of all that fluff.

4Libras Wait Until She Suspects Nothing, Then Spring It On Her!

Libras are all about the element of surprise! They’ve been in love for a minute and they know they’ve got to let the other person know, but why admit things casually when he can lull his love into a false sense of security? Similar to the sneaky Leo, he’ll act like nothing is out of the ordinary. The main difference? He’ll never explicitly “friend zone” his potential match.

He wants the person of his affections to be unsuspecting, not caught entirely by surprise. They’ll make sure to drop other, subtle, hints a few days before he finally confesses his feelings and will have fun doing it.

3Gemini Men Get Their Ideas From Sappy Rom-Coms

The world of romance is rife with grand gestures. Gemini men are pretty smart to consider how women respond to the leading men in romantic comedies. Gemini guys know they’re guaranteed to get the perfect date—all it takes is some extra effort and a thoughtful gesture. Like most men in rom-coms, a Gemini understands the importance of the setup; he also understands the execution is crucial. He’s got to go big or he doesn’t stand a chance.

He’ll hold the boombox outside her window, set up a meaningful moment, or will outright steal the lines of the male protagonist in that year’s box office hit. Even if his partner knows he’s just being a copy cat, they’ll often love him for the effort.

2Aquarius Guys Often Wait For Her To Ask First

Though he’s a true Air Sign, he strays from the path a bit and waits patiently for his love to notice the small signals he’s been putting out. He wants to ask them out but he also wants to see how long it takes for them to become impatient and just ask themselves.

While it may not make sense to others, Aquarius men like to feel wanted. He may know exactly how he feels right away, but unless his potential partner feels the same way, from an organic environment, it doesn’t really mean anything to him—thus the waiting game.

1Aquarius BONUS: When He’s Ready, He’ll Ask In The Middle Of An Otherwise Normal Conversation

Aquarius men like to play mind games. This isn’t always a good thing, but when it comes to asking someone out, it can be pretty entertaining. He’s been paying close attention to his would-be partner and knows they feel the same way he does, but they don’t seem like they’re ready to cross the line yet.

An Aquarius will take the opportunity to use the knowledge to his advantage. He’ll wait until he’s hanging out with his love and just when they’re in the thick of an average conversation, he’ll ask to be social-media-official. This usually throws people off, but they tend to be happy regardless.

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