7 Things Almost Every Heartbroken Woman Can Relate To

Have you ever had your heart broken? If you have, you know that a heartbreak is one of the most devastating feelings you can experience.

And when it happens, everyone tells you that the initial sadness and pain go away with time. And they are right.

But what nobody tells you is that your heart being shattered to pieces always leaves inerasable emotional scars on your entire being. Nobody tells you that each one of your heartbreaks changes you forever.

Even though every emotionally wounded woman deals with her pain differently, there are some things you’ll definitely relate to if you’ve ever had your heart broken and here are 7 of them.

1. You’ve lost faith in love

If you’ve been hurt too many times in the past, it is natural for you to stop believing in true love and for you to think it is nothing but a fairy tale.

You’ve simply lost all hope that someday you’ll meet a guy who will show you that not all men are the same.

After all those heartbreaks, you’ve started thinking about love as something with an expiration date. You’ve lost hope that someday, you’ll find a man with whom you’ll want to spend the rest of your life and that you’ll find a man who will love you, no matter what.

2. You refuse to settle

Some might think that all of the emotional pain you’ve been through has made you become too picky when it comes to men but the truth is that you just refuse to settle.

You don’t plan on wasting any more years of your life on guys who clearly don’t deserve you or on someone whom you don’t see yourself with.

Now, you know what you want and will never settle for anything less.

3. You embraced your single life

Another thing that your heartbreaks havebrought you is the ability to completely embrace your single life. It’s not that you’ve become selfish—you’ve just learned to put yourself first and to enjoy every moment of your one-on-one time.

You learned that you are the only one who can make yourself happy and that you don’t need a man to do so. So, you’ve decided to remain single until the right man comes along.

4. You don’t let people in

When you’ve had your heart broken in the past, it is natural that you lose trust in people.

It is natural that you feel the need to protect your heart and the only way to do that is to become guarded and to build thick and high emotional walls around you.

After everything you’ve been through, you assume that everyone who enters your life only has the intention of hurting you. So, you’ve become emotionally unavailable and you refuse to give people the chance to break your heart all over again.

5. You rely only on yourself

One of the things that hurts the most about every heartbreak is the fact that the person you loved the most betrayed you. And this is something you don’t want to go through ever again.

That is why you subconsciously decided not to expect anyone else to have your back. You’ve become self-sufficient and you’ve realized you are the only person you can rely on because this is the only way to save yourself from other disappointments.

6. People have called you cynical

Have you ever heard comments about yourself saying that you’ve become too cynical, especially when it comes to love?

Well, if you have, this happened due to your heartbreaks and because you can’t force yourself to believe that others are in love.

It is simple—you’ve experienced a lot of emotional pain and one of the ways to deal with it was through cynical and sarcastic behavior and comments about your own and other people’s life and love situations.

Cynicism has become your defense mechanism.

7. You’ve become numb

When you go through emotional hell, you learn to live with sadness and it becomes a part of you. You carry this pain everywhere you go and with time, you get used to it.

With time, you stop being aware of the way you actually feel and you become numb. When you are broken, almost nothing can impact you anymore.

You learn to ignore all of your feelings, including sadness and happiness, because this has become the only way for you to deal with all of the pain that would otherwise consume you.

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