Your Words Don’t Mean Anything If You Can’t Back Them Up With Actions

At the end of the day, I just want a man who will stand behind his words.  

I guess in this modern dating world, that’s too much to ask, but I am asking anyway.

Please don’t be the one whose words and actions completely contradict themselves.

I am sick and tired of false words and empty promises. I don’t want to analyze you inside out to see if you are honest or not.

I am sick of men pretending they care, only to get into my pants. My emotions are tired of being played with. I am putting a stop to it.

For once, I would like to feel like my heart is in safe hands. 

Be someone I can trust completely.  If I catch you lying once, I will assume you are lying all the time, and it’s the quickest way to break trust.

That’s the quickest way to lose me.

It’s simple really—you just have to mean what you say, and prove it by being consistent. It’s not that hard. I do it all the time.

For once, I would like to know that someone is there for me. 

I would like to have someone I can call at any time, day or night, when I’m feeling down or helpless.

I don’t want to be just somebody’s sunshiny days. I want someone on whom I can lean through the storms.

I don’t need anyone to save me or solve my problems. I just need you to be there while I fix them.

I need to know that someone cares and that will be all the strength that I need.

I want someone who will be so loudly sincere that he silences my doubts.  

It doesn’t matter that some things are hard to hear at times. I still prefer the truth over lies.

I want to know who I am with and where we stand in our relationship at all times.

We can’t build anything on rocky ground because trust doesn’t grow there.

I can’t give my all if I am too scared that you will break my heart. We need a solid foundation made of trust to keep us firm and close at all times.

‘I am sorry’ doesn’t mean much if you go ahead and do the same thing again. 

No matter how nicely you recite your apology, it doesn’t mean squat if you keep doing the same hurtful things over and over again.

Mistakes happen, problems arise, but repeating them would mean that you have no respect for me and that you don’t really care how your actions make me feel.

I want to hear that I am the only woman in your life, and I want you to mean it. 

“Don’t lie. Don’t cheat. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.” That’s the whole philosophy behind a successful long-lasting relationship.

Being certain that you are someone’s world and that they would never jeopardize what they have with you for anything or anyone is priceless.

If you care, prove it with actions, not words.

I don’t need to hear “I love you” every single day, but what I do need is to know that you are here for me at all times.

I need a kiss good morning and a long cuddly hug goodnight. I need just one text a day that shows you are thinking of me.

I need you to stay when things get rough. I want us to share each other’s happiness and triumphs. I need us to be happy together.

I need efforts; I need loyalty. I need the kind of love that can only be felt, and words have nothing to do with that.

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