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The stars reveal who are the 3 zodiac signs that after a breakup tend to give the ex a second chance.

There are some people who break up but continue to live with the thought of a broken relationship and a broken heart. They find it hard to turn the page , to live single by giving up the couple habits. As time goes by, it becomes clearer and clearer for them the only thing to do to overcome that discomfort: give the EX a second chance. 

If you are among the signs of today’s ranking you will admit that you are one of those people who cannot forget the Ex and have no idea how to deal with the breakup and move towards recovery. Their only plausible option seems to be to reconsider trying again.

Here are the zodiac signs that almost always return with the ex

Our astral sign gives us unique characteristics, such as inflexibility . There are people who when they make a final decision do not come back even if it hurts. Having made the decision, they are aware that no matter how much it hurts, it was inevitable and it was also the right and sensible thing to do. Based on this they face the days following the breakup with the pain and disappointment of failure in the heart but they do not give up and do not retrace their steps . It certainly cannot be said that it is the same for the signs of today’s ranking who prefer to retrace their steps rather than turn the page.

Here are the signs that resist the urge to return to the Ex:


Virgo natives struggle to separate from a person they have been in a relationship with. Likewise, they prefer to make love with a person with whom they form a steady couple rather than with a casual partner. This precise and meticulous sign and tending to states of anxiety, feels the need to feel safe and comforted by the partner. They struggle to start over and especially to forget their ex. A few days of solitude will be enough to make the nostalgia soar to dizzying levels and rush to the partner at its first insistence.


Pisces is a very sensitive sign, a dreamer, a fantasist. When he is in a couple he loads his love story with fairytale-worthy scenarios and expects a happily ever after. The breakup is not part of the love project. They delude themselves right away that their plan for a life together is valid. Pisces is soon convinced that in their perfect fit none of the partners are replaceable, and they dream of getting back together. They will make sure to flirt with the ex again to win him back and since they know him very well they know how to move to get back together with him.


Cancer is among the most empathic signs of the zodiac. When she breaks up with her partner, she collapses, especially because he loses the possibility of realizing his dream of starting a family . Taken by the grip of nostalgia and the desire to want to win back the partner, he lives in the memories that bind him to the Ex. Breaking up is more dramatic for them than for the other signs. Cancer also hates being alone and to fill the void will see no other solution than to return to the decision of separation. Better to get back with someone they know than to start all over again with a stranger.

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