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The 5 Most Selfish Zodiac Signs. Where is Virgo Located?

We all have selfish tendencies and it’s perfectly normal to be like that! However, some of us use this feature a little more often than others.

If you have ever asked yourself the question “Am I selfish?” and you didn’t know what to answer, then astrology can help you find out if you are one of the most selfish zodiac signs.

Many times we don’t see how we are, so sometimes it is necessary to look for information from the outside in the hope that it will help us get a real perspective. However, the most selfish people indeed believe that they are not doing anything bad or wrong. They think that everyone else has a problem and NOT them.

Do you think you could be one of those people?

Maybe it’s about the sign you were born in and it’s not your fault. This may explain why and how this trait has taken over your personal and/or professional life.

Having said that, here are the 5 most selfish zodiac signs:

1. Aries

When Aries realizes what he wants, he goes to get that something. That’s a good thing, right? Yes, but it can get a little out of control.

Aries has that “me first” attitude and tends to have one of the most determined personalities.

For example, if he is shopping and there is a last product that he wants, but that someone else also wants, he will fight to the death to get it. He will come for various reasons, but he will not leave.

  • Tip: If you find yourself in this description, it is necessary to make sacrifices. You hate to compromise, we all hate this, but it’s part of life and it’s necessary to do it from time to time!

2. Taurus

Although Taurus represents stability and resistance, his desire for security can often make him greedy and materialistic. He can also become overly sensitive, overly emotional, and certainly too possessive.

For example, a Taurus will do anything to look flawless and wear the most beautiful clothes to catch the eyes of those around them, but sparks will fly if they see someone else looking at their partner with desire and appreciation.

  • Tip: Stop asking for more and more and let your relationships thrive with what you have.

3. Gemini

Although Gemini adapts easily and is flexible, this can get out of control faster than you realize. Because of their duality, they can be seen as conceited and shallow.

If you’re at a party with a Gemini, don’t be surprised if their fake personality comes out and a brand new person (who wasn’t next to you five seconds ago) appears out of nowhere. He tends to adapt to her environment for selfish reasons and could care less if you’re ready for it or not.

  • Tip: You have to learn to be okay with being yourself. No one is impressed by your material possessions or your reputation. If someone goes out with you, they’re doing it because they like you the way you are. So ditch that fake personality and be comfortable in your skin!

4. Leo

A Leo is like: “what you see is what you get”. However, it’s no wonder he can be quite selfish too.

He’s awesome because he’s fearless when it comes to any obstacle thrown his way, but when he sees something he wants, it’s game over for everyone else.

In his eyes, his name is written on that one thing he wants, no matter who else has laid eyes on it.

  • Tip: Let someone else take the spotlight now and then. If you want your friends to stick around, you’ll have to make that sacrifice.

5. Virgo

A Virgo is meticulous. She has a keen eye for any flaws or misdeeds, which is great for self-improvement, but unfortunately, she’s the first to criticize everyone else.

It’s one thing to be hard on yourself and another to be hard and critical of others. Just because you wouldn’t do something doesn’t mean someone else can’t.

Has anyone asked you if you’ve gained weight? Not. He didn’t ask for your opinion. Stop thinking about how you would handle things and start being aware that the person you are talking to is different from you.

  • Tip: Take criticism into account and let your friend do the work for themselves.

We don’t all get what we want all the time, so make sure you let people be THEM.

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