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October will not end without first making an epochal turning point in the life of these zodiac signs, for them everything is about to change.

Many innovations lie ahead for these zodiac signs, after Mercury and retrograde Pluto finally these signs will enjoy promising beginnings that leave no room for pain and wounds of the past.

According to the stars, the signs we are about to tell you about will have within them the skills and energy to finally turn the page and open a promising new chapter in their lives . The future is clear and limpid and will bring new impetus and breaths of very positive news.

Here are the zodiac signs that will radically change life by the end of October

There are only a few weeks left until the end of October and if you are among the signs of today’s chart, prepare to welcome big changes, your life is about to take a new turn. The astral movements of this month will bring positivity to some signs that will enjoy a lot of positive energy and the ability to annihilate difficulties and enjoy any positive change that will happen.

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The signs affected by these positive fluctuations are:


With Saturn retrograde in Aquarius until October 22, Taurus will witness a great transformation in their love life. From 25 October onwards this sign will feel positive and under the influence of Saturn retrograde he will enjoy successes also on a professional level. Not only will his work increase and therefore his earnings as well, but it will also increase his work in the future. This change will initially destabilize the Taurus who will be afraid of not being able to keep up with this great change, but this sign will find a partner, a partner, in time of need who will tie their destinies and launch them with open arms towards success.

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In recent times the Virgin has felt overwhelmed by negativity, by the anxiety of agitation. Now is the time to put an end to all worries and to stop thinking about the problems. Something started to change from October 9 with the full moon in Aries. This change was felt by Virgo especially on a mental level, where she noticed greater strength and positivity. In the wake of this momentum, Virgo has recovered a lot in the professional field. The financial situation will continue to improve, on the horizon there is the signing of a decisive contract or a partnership that will take place by the end of October, this collaboration will bring many good news to the Virgin.

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There are many astrological events that will lead to a significant change in the life of Scorpio. The sun will pass through the sign of Scorpio on October 24 and immediately after the new moon on October 25. These events will transform the life of this sign for the positive. This sign will feel the change in energy that will allow him to close outdated projects and feel more focused than ever, as well as instill in him a renewed confidence and find ways to keep all forms of worry at bay.

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