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There are things in love that you just can’t forgive. Here’s the one you he will never accept based on his zodiac sign.

Love, you know, is something abstract and difficult to explain. And this even though we have been trying to get to know him better for centuries. The relationship between the two parts of the couple and how relationships begin and end is something extremely difficult to understand and which often goes beyond what is considered the basis of feeling.
Not everything, however, is so difficult to predict, especially if instead of looking at the couple, you look at the individual parts. Going to dig into the personal way of understanding love being able to understand what can be good or bad for a person begins to be simpler. This happens because instead of relying on sentiment, we focus on the personality of individuals and their way of understanding love.

Thinking about the male side of the couple, for example, it is easy to understand what is the thing that he will never accept from her and this even though he loves her very much. An aspect that in addition to being linked to the character also depends on the influence that the stars have on the person. For this reason, today, after seeing what time each sign of the zodiac should wake up and what is the way the zodiac signs deal with boredom, we will find out what is the thing that your he may not forgive you and that so you should avoid doing if you are hoping the relationship will last a long time.

Horoscope: Here’s the thing your he will never forgive you

Aries – The absence of attention
If there is one thing that the Aries man particularly cares about, it is being always the center of attention. It is therefore logical to imagine how important this aspect is for him within the couple relationship. When he is with someone he tends to give him his attention-demanding the same in return. If this does not come, he cannot resist that much and the initial disappointment will soon take over a kind of anger, such as to question the whole relationship. It can therefore be said that the lack of attention on the part of the person who says he loves him is for him the greatest setback he can suffer and that he lives like a betrayal, ending up moving further and further away until he in turn loses. interest.

Taurus – Infidelity
The Taurus man is an attentive and fiery partner but has different demands on his partner. The most important of these is the fidelity that always puts first, sometimes even in a somewhat obsessive way. The jealousy he feels, in fact, also tends to extend to the friendships of his own and this can lead to requests that sometimes appear a little too over the top. Unfortunately, he can hardly see these aspects clearly and when this happens the risk is that he will see infidelity even where it is not there. For this reason, being together with a Taurus man can become a constant test in which to demonstrate that you are faithful to him and have no intention of betraying him. A continuous but important test that only after many attempts manages to break through to the point of making him more relaxed on the subject.

Gemini – Lies
The Gemini man needs to be able to trust the person he loves. This means knowing that you can count on his presence in every moment of need, as well as on his sincerity. For him, every lie can become a reason to close the story and this is because he tends to take it personally, perceiving it as a betrayal and living it as a sign that the relationship between the two is not as special as he thinks. Lying to him is therefore always a risk because even in the face of logical explanations, the sense of betrayal would remain imprinted in his mind, making the relationship more difficult to manage and with serious cracks to be remedied.

Cancer – The absence in important moments
The Cancer man needs his partner to be always available for him and to be able to seize every single moment of need without asking for anything. When this fails, he tends to question himself about everything, feeling a sense of profound disappointment that can lead him to see his other half from a different perspective. In the long run, this can compromise the relationship, leading him to blame over and over again every single lack, even if small. Which would sooner or later ruin even the most solid story. This is why, to be close to him, it is important to always make him feel your presence and reassure him that you have no intention of leaving him alone, especially in situations that are important to them.

Leo – Being used
If there is one thing that the man of the sign of Leo just cannot stand, it is the feeling of being used by others. He tolerates even less the feeling of being used by the person he loves and whom he would like to be able to trust 100%. When this happens, he immediately stiffens, engaging in a hostile attitude that is hard to avoid. And, unless you have valid explanations, mostly able to make him understand that he was wrong, the chances of continuing the story are very minimal. The native of the sign is extremely proud and when he feels belittled, sidelined, or, even worse, deceived, he ends up completely losing interest. In short,

Virgo – Being Teased
Virgo man is a deeply proud person with an extremely rigid mindset. This means that if in love he feels he is being teased in some way, his reaction will never be positive. Whether it’s a joking way of doing things or some lie expressed for his gain, his reaction won’t change that much.
What will impress him is that he can no longer trust the other person. This will inevitably lead him to stay on his own, becoming less affectionate and probably less inclined to continue the story. Therefore, that to be with a native of the sign it is essential to reserve the utmost seriousness for the relationship. The same one that he considers extremely important in everyday life as well as in relationships.

Libra – An unfulfilled promise
The Libra man is particularly concerned with human relationships in which he invests a large part of his energies. This means that in a love story, the requisites required are sincerity, seriousness, and loyalty towards him. While never asking for anything in return, the native of the sign expects to be treated with respect and to be able to believe what he is told.
Thus, a simple broken promise can give rise to a real crisis after which he will no longer be able to trust as before, feeling betrayed in every respect and unable to experience the same feelings of the past.
It is a reaction that is sometimes exaggerated and that is often not understood but which is perfectly in line with his way of being. Which makes it difficult to change. The only solution to ensure that things never reach such a point of no return is therefore to never make promises if you do not have the certainty and the full intention to keep them.

Scorpio – The lack of loyalty
The Scorpio man is used to giving himself 100% both in friendship and in love. What he has to receive, therefore, he expects undisputed loyalty from the people he trusts. This aspect reaches its peak in love, where the native of the sign needs to be able to trust beyond all measure of the person he loves. Faced with the first lack of sincerity, so his reaction is usually one of anger, only to then get a sense of deep disappointment that also leads him to mentally distance himself from the person he loves. Feeling not be able to trust is a reason to review one’s history as is the awareness of having suffered a setback. Everything unspoken, in fact, in the eyes of a Scorpio corresponds to a lie and this amounts to a sort of betrayal.

Sagittarius – Disrespect
The Sagittarius man puts personal relationships at the center of his world and for this reason, he expects the same to be done by others. Understanding, complicity, and friendship are things that he considers the basis of every relationship and that become essential in love. When this happens he feels betrayed in the first person and tends to experience it as a lack of respect. This inevitably leads him to withdraw into himself and to put stakes between himself and the person he loves. Just as he can end a friendship for a single lie, he can end a relationship if he feels that he is not being considered as and as much as he would like. It is a way of doing things that may or may not be approved but which is not very likely to change. For this reason,

Capricorn – Being sidelined
If there is one thing that the Capricorn man just does not tolerate, it is feeling sidelined by the person he loves. For him, the partner is the one who should be the first to make him feel loved and always at the center of attention.
When this does not happen, the sense of disappointment is so deep that it, first of all, pushes him to withdraw into himself and, immediately after, to put a sort of shield between himself and the other person. This creates a distance that, if not resolved, can lead to the end of the story. Because nothing is worse than a Capricorn man who chooses to walk away. In doing so, even his feelings will change becoming colder and colder and all with the risk of extinguishing completely. If you intend to be with a man born under this sign for a long time, it is therefore important to keep in mind how much it means to him that he constantly feels considered.

Aquarius – The intrusiveness
The Aquarius man is known for his confidentiality and for how much he cares about the possibility of maintaining his own spaces. When this aspect is not respected properly, the feeling of discomfort takes over, leading him to reconsider the relationship that led him to feel invaded in some way. This is also true in love where, although the boundaries are of different types, each type of intrusiveness is perceived negatively. If a solution to the problem is not posed, the risk is to come to a break. Because if the Aquarius native is usually available for comparison, when it comes to personal spaces he tends to close in a hedgehog.
By doing so, he becomes circumspect and wary to the point that he can pose up to even the greatest love story. An aspect which is, therefore, essential to take into account if you want to stay together for a long time.

Pisces – Being hurt for no reason
The Pisces man is a sensitive person who cares particularly about the way he is treated by others, especially when it comes to the people he cares about. One thing that the person he loves may not easily forgive is therefore the ability to hurt him without worrying too much about it. Whether it is a lack of education or sensitivity, a wound remains indelibly impressed on him. And, over time, especially if not deserved, this can lead him to perceive the person he loves differently.
Since the Pisces man has feelings that change according to how he feels, this could lead him to feel those he loves so alien to him that he decides to end the story. Those who love a man of this sign, therefore, should pay attention to the words he uses but, above all, to the ways.

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