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These 4 Zodiacs Might Be Hearing From An Ex During Eclipse Season


I know what you’re thinking… “Hell. No.” Welp my dear Aries, to that I say, “Hell. Yes.” They’re coming back. But don’t they always come back to you? This may be an ex or an old lover from over a year ago. You seemed to have sort’ve given up hope that you would ever see or speak to them again following the events that unfolded leading to your demise. However, for better or for worse, they’re coming back, baby! Though the eclipse season starts March 25th, with the lunar eclipse in Libra, expect the unexpected come April 8th, with the total solar eclipse in your sign. And if things aren’t crazy enough, Mercury is also going retrograde starting April 1st until April 25th in your sign. Everyone will be experiencing a great shift in energy but you will certainly be seeing it play out more in your outer world, Aries. What’s funny about whoever this person is, is the fact that when they originally left your life, you swore you only wanted them, but as time passed you made peace with how things ended and found that you were happy it didn’t go the way that you wanted. Do you still feel like this? Have you completely shut the door on them? Or is that something you just wanted to tell yourself to feel like the bigger person? Would entertaining them and giving them the time of day only set you and your growth back? Or have they truly changed for the better just as you have changed? I’m not judging you, these are important questions to ask as destiny approaches.


Around April 4th, be on the lookout for synchronicities and signs from the universe. They’re not just in your head, Libra. Prepare yourself because the universe is trying to give you the heads up of a certain someone who may be re-entering the picture. Don’t think you’re crazy or that you’re making stuff up in your head. There’s a reason why you keep hearing that song that reminds you of them playing in random social spaces. There’s a reason why they keep popping up in your dreams. They are planning on reaching out in some way but don’t expect to see them any time soon. This is just the beginning and will be a trend that plays out as the year continues. They may test the waters just to see where you’re at emotionally and if they get the sense that you’re welcoming of their advances, expect a slow gradual build till summer. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing is entirely up to you.


Past patterns are at play here. During the Mercury retrograde in April, while eclipse season is still in full swing, you’ll find yourself reflecting on your cycles in love. There is someone that you let go of to grow as an individual and break a certain pattern you keep repeating. And though you’ve made great progress, the universe is testing you soon. If you fail, you will only see yourself perpetuating these patterns. Understand that the decisions you make over these next few weeks will have a huge impact on your life over the next few months. I don’t want to say that this ex has bad intentions, but sometimes two people aren’t good when they’re together. The March 25th eclipse illuminates your 4th house of homelife, domesticity, and security. With that said, it seems like there is a generational pattern at play here. You are being called to identify this pattern and be the one who breaks the curse. This won’t be an easy task but it’s something you will not be able to hide from. There’s an astrological storm brewing and you will no doubt feel the effects of it. But do not worry, you will be glad that everything is finally being dealt with.


Perhaps not an ex, per see, Capricorn. Put it this way… you know that one person that you can’t exactly call an ex but they might as well be an ex. You know… What ex-situations that emotionally impacted you the way a relationship would? Yeah… that’s what I’m referring to. This eclipse season is going to be interesting for you, to say the least. There may have been a fling or situation (or whatever you wanna call it) that you completely cut off because why waste your time with something that isn’t going anywhere? But you’re a lot softer deep down inside than people realize and perhaps you haven’t found the closure you need to move on completely yet. You tend to distract yourself with your ambitions, but despite your best efforts to put feelings aside, there is still something you haven’t addressed yet at the start of eclipse season that will come up to the surface whether you like it or not. Suppressing emotions is not the same as dealing with them and it’s only a matter of time until you must face them. The eclipse excavates what you’re ignoring and how you’re feeling. You love acting like the solo independent baddie who doesn’t let anything get to them when you’re a big softy when it comes to that one person. But ask yourself if this is something you want to welcome back into your life.

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