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Yes, today we have decided to reveal the most dangerous ranking of the horoscope: that of the zodiac signs that prefer physical appearance to intelligence!

Have you ever wondered that your current partner is more interested in your physical characteristics than your brain? Hey, if the answer is yes before you even continue reading this we have a suggestion for you: run away !

If, on the other hand, this doubt has never occurred to you, then better this way. Checking the ranking of the zodiac signs that can’t help but prefer the physical to the brain, however, could help us understand what your partner thinks, don’t you think?

The zodiac signs that prefer physical appearance to intelligence: we hope that “he” is not in today’s ranking

Today we decided to reveal a very (but very) dangerous horoscope ranking. No, we are not talking about the most dangerous zodiac signs of the horoscope but of a much scarier category.

Who are we talking about? But just the signs of the zodiac who prefer the appearance of physical intelligence!

Well yes, these signs exist and for them, relationships are based (mainly or at least in the beginning) on physical appearance. Sorry to tell you but that’s it! Are we ready to find out if your partner is in the top five of today’s ranking ?

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Aries: fifth place

Are you surprised to find those born under the sign of Aries in this ranking? Then you can see that you don’t know them well: maybe you aren’t beautiful enough for them!
No, jokes aside: the Aries put in the first place attractiveness when it comes to seeking partners!

This doesn’t mean, of course, that they don’t want to have a conversation with you or that they don’t even notice what kind of person you are.
Simply, for them, the physical aspect is very important and, often, without it, they do not even deign to look at you!

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Virgo: fourth place

We know very well that those born under the sign of Virgo are attracted to everything that is aesthetically beautiful and perfect.
No wonder, therefore, that they are in the ranking of the zodiac signs that prefer physical appearance to intelligence!

The Virgin is a sign that has no problem to be especially charming others looking physique. He finds it necessary and fundamental and, very often, puts it first!
For them, the elective affinity (as they say) comes after or does not come at all: in the partner they seek, mainly, the attractiveness!

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Leo: third place

Given how obsessed they are with their physique and appearance, it seems normal to us to include Leos in our ranking today.
They too can be particularly superficial from this point of view and, indeed, most of the time they are!

As long as you are beautiful or beautiful, Leo doesn’t care that he can’t even have a word with you. He has many friends and girlfriends that he prefers and that he carries in the palm of his hand to talk to! You are just the ” fun “.
We can assure you that if you are together with a Leo you are, physically, their ideal: from the point of view of the brain, however … better check!

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Gemini: second place

Even those born under the sign of Gemini put everything at risk when they meet someone they particularly like from a physical point of view!
For this sign, the eyes are really important: if you are not pleasing to the eye they do not even consider you!

The Twins are people who give in easily to the lure eyes: if anyone is found attractive, we do not put anything to jeopardize their relationship!
Gemini is like this: they find that the physical aspect is very important and that there is time, afterward, to talk and confront each other.

It happens very often that those born under this sign after an initial ardor the Gemini disappear or become very cold towards the people they attend.
The reason is simple: transported as they are my passion, they often don’t stop to think if they also like you from the point of view of the brain. They go on as long as they can and then they just disappear!

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Libra: first place in the ranking of zodiac signs that prefer physical appearance to intelligence

Dear Libra, it is useless to make that horrified face: we have discovered you, is it true or not?
Those born under the sign of Libra are people who really can’t do without the physical appearance of a relationship. For them, it is very important and without it, they practically do not feel any kind of chemistry with others.

The brain? What comes next: after all, the balance particularly likes to be the brains of the relationship!
Those born under this sign have a real soft spot for the physical aspect, but, beware, this does not mean that he likes only the Buff, mind you!

Each Libra has its tastes, impossible to guess. What we do know, however, is that if you want her to like you, you must first focus on your physical appearance. Yes, Libras like to talk about poetry, cinema, music, literature, or the Universe, but if they don’t like you physically, nothing will ever happen between you. It doesn’t matter how in-tune you are!

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