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The date of birth can influence us temperamentally by also outlining some traits of our femininity.

The female universe has always been full of charm and mystery. Not for nothing, it is well known that for men women have always been something incomprehensible. But we are the first to constantly discover new aspects of our way of being. Aspects that in some ways can also be influenced by the zodiac sign. Thus, as it is possible to understand the stars can also help us to discover some sides of ourselves that we do not yet know.

Aries – the cyclone woman
Your femininity is foreign to convention but it is evident in everything you do. You are a basically strong and independent woman who first of all thinks about herself, reserving the time that remains for others. In love you tend to want to be in control and have a hard time falling in love. Nonetheless, there is a vein of romanticism inside you that you may not be aware of yet, but which is pressing to emerge.

Taurus – the traditionalist
Beyond appearances, you harbor a nature linked to traditions. You care a lot about your family and although in life you like to be free to do what you want, without external constraints, in relationships you are very possessive both with friends and family and, especially in love. To others you appear extremely sure of yourself but inside you hide a lot of insecurities.

Gemini – the saucy
In life you like to have fun and your way of being reflects it in its entirety. You are dynamic, lively and have a great sense of humor. You reach others thanks to your characteristics and your mind that manages to attract everyone. In love you need certainties and until you find them you tend to be aggressive. With the right person, however, you can be extremely sweet, revealing a part of you that few people know.

Cancer – the capricious woman
Your way of being a woman is total, starting with the femininity you give off, ending with your ways of being that sometimes make you look really moody. In need of affection and confirmation, you are able to make those around you feel important but if you feel left behind you start throwing tantrums, becoming touchy and vindictive. In love you need a solid presence who can make you feel safe.

Leo – the aggressive
In life you tend to want to excel and to do so you are willing to show your claws. While you always try to be confident and up to the task, you also need reassurance. You often tend to fall in love with strong feelings that wear out quickly. With the right person, however, you know how to be less controlled, revealing a sweetness that you have for few people.

Virgo – the difficult
Your ways of being often lead you to be misunderstood, making you appear tougher and more rigid than you are in reality. Practice like few others, you always tend to rationalize, risking doing it even in your feelings. Your femininity is strong but it almost seems that you want to hide it from the world to show it only to the people you believe can understand you for who you are.

Libra – the flirtatious
Your femininity is manifested in your gestures, in the way you speak and in everything you do. You love to feel appreciated and knowing you are pleased makes you feel good. You care a lot about your image and always try to surround yourself with beautiful things. You care for the people you love but at the same time you need constant confirmation from them, without which the insecurity that assails you risks making you appear distant. In love you like to be courted and you appreciate those who still know how to do it the old way.

Scorpio – the complicated
You are a woman whose femininity translates into mystery. To others you seem difficult to understand and therefore full of charm. You are strong and tenacious and you don’t like being stepped on. You love absolutely and for others you are willing to do anything but get vindictive at the first negative sign from them. In love you need someone who knows how to stand up to you, who intrigues you and who lives a little in the aura of mystery that is your home. Romantic as few, enclose this way of being in a well hidden corner, sometimes even to yourself.

Sagittarius – the adventurous
Life for you is an adventure and your being a woman also follows this current. You are in fact a free person who rarely follows conventions. Confident of yourself, you love to show yourself for who you are without worrying too much about it. In love you need someone who, like you, knows how to embrace the opportunities that life holds. Faithful and sincere, you need to always feel on the move to feel fulfilled.

Capricorn – the rigid
You appear rigid in life because of your beliefs that are hard to break down. Nevertheless, your femininity knows how to show itself fully, even if only to those who really want to be liked. Your character leads you to control situations so that even in love you risk taking this position, risking to lose a little bit of the romantic aspect of the relationship. But there’s a lot more romance in you than you think.

Aquarius – the detached woman
Your femininity is strong and shows its best when you feel truly free to be yourself. After all, freedom in life has a great importance for you and the same can also be said of the love to which you always approach with caution for fear of remaining tied in some way. With the right person, however, you know how to discover new ways of being, leaving aside a little of that detached being of yours that at times risks frightening those who try to approach you.

Pisces – the romantic
You are a mysterious woman who tends to analyze everything around her, giving meaning to everything. Tendentially romantic, you need a lot of attention without which you end up walking away in silence, without even a greeting. Those who don’t know you risk finding you sophisticated but standing next to you and looking at you for who you really are, your great ability to love is immediately evident.

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