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These 3 Signs Could Experience A Miracle In Their Love Lives At The New Moon On January 13, 2024

Maybe they were just friends or colleagues at first.

Maybe they only knew each other casually. What once seemed like an innocent connection with one person can develop into the first steps towards a secret affair on the coming new moon.

The idea of ​​secret meetings can be both frightening and exciting. Not everyone wants to risk getting caught, but somehow it makes the whole thing more interesting since that aspect is part of the deal.

When you have a secret affair with someone, you always have to be prepared for your partner to find out about it.

Some find this idea far too frightening and therefore never dare to try it. But there are some who want to take that risk and throw caution to the wind.

And on the new moon they could completely let go of their last doubts and plunge headlong into an unethical matter.

How can these zodiac signs do this to their partner? Do they really think they can get away with this? In truth, the new moon reveals more than the beginning of secret affairs. It brings out a new side in someone and could be an eye-opener for some couples.

These 3 zodiac signs will start a secret affair from the coming new moon:


You are one of the zodiac signs that are particularly tense and have difficulty staying calm.

Nevertheless, these qualities do not make you shy away from the events to come. If the new moon makes you want to start a secret affair, don’t hesitate in the slightest.

You just throw yourself into it without any concerns. Although you value values ​​such as loyalty and devotion, you currently find yourself a prisoner of your whims, and you are well aware of it.

The associated feelings range from a guilty conscience to a feeling of freedom and fulfilment.

You follow the impulses of your heart and rarely fear possible consequences. Even if you get caught, you have the ability to talk your way out of it. You will construct a completely plausible alibi or simply tell an untruth – that is your strategy.

Desire acts as your guide. You live to please yourself, and when an opportunity presents itself, you take it without thinking too much about the consequences.

Your life philosophy of enjoying the moment may seem admirable, but it also carries dangers. Treat yourself to this treat while it lasts.

However, you should not think that your actions can remain hidden forever.

Sooner or later the law of balance will catch up with you. Therefore, it would be wiser to be open and honest with your partner from the start rather than deceitfully deceiving them


You tend to view fraud calmly. Of course, you don’t necessarily want to get caught, but that certainly won’t stop you from starting a new affair with someone other than your long-term partner.

You acknowledge that your home situation bores you; it lacks the challenge, the excitement and the sex.

But strangely enough, the primary reason you want to start a secret affair isn’t because you’re looking for sexual satisfaction.

Sex is not the essence for you. Rather, it is the attention that is given to you.

That’s all you’re looking for: someone who shows you romance and carries you in their arms, someone who looks at you and can’t let go of you.

You just want to have a good time. At first it might just be dinner or a movie together, but gradually your connection deepens.

Maybe these ideas already exist in your imagination. All you want is to stop sitting alone at home night after night. You feel lonely in your current relationship and don’t know how to change this.

If you can figure out what you are missing in your relationship, it would be wise to communicate it openly first before getting involved in such a situation. Otherwise, you could end up empty handed as you may have lost everything.


You really don’t feel like starting a secret affair, and after telling yourself that about a million times, you realize that you’re attracted to someone other than your partner.

Even though you’re internally fighting against betraying your partner, on the other hand, there’s this overwhelming feeling of connection to another person that just feels good.

The coming new moon may tempt you to give in. In the long term, there may not be a clear reason why you should be with this other person.

Your intention is not to start a new relationship, but the experience with this new person makes you feel great.

It is possible that you will blame yourself and be overcome by an overwhelming feeling of guilt.

In such moments it is important to remember your own values ​​in life. Imagine what you would expect from your partner if they were in a similar situation.

Fear of experiencing the love you want has prevented you from reaching out and getting what you need.

You long for love, affection and a partner to experience this with. Your current love life offers you little, but somehow you have committed yourself and committed yourself to this person for life.

This could be more than just a passing phase. Rather, it’s a sign that it might be time to reevaluate your current relationship and pursue your own happiness. You deserve to be loved and valued by your partner.

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