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Maybe you think you know a person perfectly and then, only after years, you realize that you don’t. Hey, aren’t you friends with or engaged to one of the most mysterious zodiac signs in the entire horoscope?

Come on, you too have some secrets that you absolutely do not want to reveal to others.
Maybe it’s about that crush you have had on an unmentionable person or that hobby that you can’t share with friends because you believe you will be judged.
In short, let’s say that all of us, some more and some less, have secrets that we hide to some extent from others.
There are, however, people who are so mysterious that nothing really leaks about themselves to others: luckily , the stars and planets are here to give us a hand !

The most mysterious zodiac signs of the horoscope: find out if your partner is also in today’s ranking

We hope it never happened to you but we have to ask you: have you ever discovered that a person close to you … was not quite what you expected?
No, wait: we’re not asking if you found out late that someone in your life was a real secret agent at 007 . (But almost).

We all know someone who does not easily share information about themselves or their life, while remaining social, cheerful and very kind to others!
These people can be your friends or even your partner and you will discover only after years of information about them that they have always kept confidential.
Why do they do it? Simple, because they are in the ranking of the most mysterious zodiac signs of all the horoscope !

Let’s find out who is in the top five immediately so you will know how to deal with people of these signs. Let’s reveal the ranking and… good luck!

Pisces: fifth place

It will seem strange to you to find Pisces in the ranking of the most mysterious zodiac signs and yet we can say it bluntly: very little is known about Pisces !
Those born under this sign are people who live in mystery: you can’t know anything about Pisces because they don’t tell anyone anything … ever!

Pisces is able to navigate more than one social context without revealing too much of himself: school or university friends, boyfriends and various companies. Everyone remains open-mouthed in front of the Pisces who are always present, always appreciated and always very kind but truly mysterious!

Virgo: fourth place

Dear Virgo friends , we are sorry to give you this news but know that you are in the ranking of the most mysterious zodiac signs of the whole horoscope .
But what are you thinking about?

Virgo is a very capable sign of hiding her feelings and emotions, as well as spreading a veil of reserve over her life .
The reason is that those born under the sign of Virgo are people who look after their image almost obsessively! By being so careful in how they present themselves to everyone, Virgo people have specific control over the information they share with others which is carefully selected!

Scorpio: third place

If you have a friend, acquaintance or a Scorpio relative or boyfriend , we are going to ask you a small and simple question. How are you?
Try to give an answer but we already know that you will not succeed: Scorpios are practically very good at hiding everything about themselves!

Extremely pragmatic and focused people, those born under the sign of Scorpio do not believe in sharing their interests or emotions with others.
That’s why, if you think about it, you just can’t know how a Scorpio is !

Capricorn: second place

Dear Capricorn , you are obviously in the ranking of the most mysterious zodiac signs of the horoscope . We don’t even have to ask why!
Rather than talking about you or what you do, feel or wish you Capricorn would rather go to jail!

Come on, obviously we are exaggerating but you also know that it is very difficult to pull something (anything) out of a Capricorn .
They are  extremely  reserved people, so much so that they become particularly mysterious!

If you don’t ask a Capricorn to explain to you in detail what happens in their life or you don’t ask them the right question, you won’t really know anything about them! Capricorns
are like this: take it or leave it!

Sagittarius: first place in the ranking of the most mysterious zodiac signs of the horoscope

Perhaps we are learning about (as much as possible) one of the more complicated sides of the Sagittarius character .
Oh yes, dear Sagittarius , you are truly mysterious people also and above all in the eyes of others: stop being fake fools!

Sagittarius , in fact, are among the most reserved people in the horoscope: they never say anything about them and they even manage not to make you understand!
If a Sagittarius has a secret or learns of a secret it is virtually impossible for them to reveal it to anyone!

Dear Sagittarius , you are really very good at not being “discovered” as the most mysterious zodiac signs of the horoscope but trust us.
When the others finally discover how mysterious you are, they are really hurt!

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