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Some zodiac signs are expected to settle down at the table in the next few days. Minor health problems may bother you

Summer is the perfect time of year to get together with friends and organize wonderful outdoor dinners , especially when the heat grants a few moments of respite. There are those who love to enjoy excellent grilled food, those who prefer fish, those who love vegetarians and those who, finally, would eat anything just to spend a few hours in the company of close friends. They are happy moments but you must always pay attention to the unexpected .

These dinners could push someone to overdo it and there are those who cannot afford it, especially in this period. Some zodiac signs will experience some health problems . Nothing serious but certainly something annoying. Better to stay light and not overdo it at the table. Do you think your sign is one of them? You will find out shortly. Here is the ranking of the zodiac signs that should remain light in the coming days.

The zodiac signs that they should eat little during this period

Capricorn : in third place in the ranking we find the sign of Capricorn. People born under this sign of the zodiac will have an unforgettable summer , from all points of view. Unfortunately, they may have small bowel problems starting in August. These problems will force the Capricorn not to overdo it, especially over the course of a dinner with friends. There will be other times to binge.

Gemini : although the sign of Gemini is very attentive to their body , it is in second place in the ranking. Taking care of your body is important but unfortunately it cannot avoid some health problems. Nothing to worry about but it will be necessary to follow a diet for a few weeks. Better to avoid long dinners with friends and restrain yourself. In the next few weeks it would be best to drink only water. The beer stocks won’t run out this summer, rest assured!

Aries : in the first place in the ranking is the sign of Aries. This sign has suffered some ailments in the past and is now experiencing the same sensations again. To avoid problems, it is best not to overeat and follow the diet recommended by your doctor. This period will end soon, after the summer the calm will finally return and you will be able to enjoy all your favorite dishes again.

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