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Aren’t rules and orders right for you? Warning, you may be in today’s horoscope ranking on the most disobedient zodiac signs!

As Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò (otherwise known as Il barone rampante , one of Italo Calvino ‘s most famous books ) would say: “ I said I don’t want and I don’t want! “.
If ” never had more serious disobedience been seen ” in Ombrosa, the town where the story takes place, little has changed or changes when the disobedient  come out of the pages of a book and come to meet us in real life.

Being disobedient , in fact, is something that can create problems for many but it is also something that allows us to reject wrong rules or impositions.
How do you know which is the right line? Probably, looking at the ranking of the zodiac signs today, we can identify those signs that do not follow the rules precisely by side . So: do you know any Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò?

The most disobedient signs of the zodiac: are you also in today’s horoscope ranking?

Whether it’s because, just like the rampant baron , you don’t want to eat a plate of snails or because you don’t want to park your car properly , let’s say it doesn’t matter. There are people, in fact, who cannot help but behave, always and in any case, as true disobedient .

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They don’t follow the rules in school and later in life too.
There are the rebels and those who, on the other hand, are real revolutionaries ; there are the simple rude , who do not follow the rules because they do not want to behave like others and then there are also the disobedient in the truest sense of the term: individuals who will never, ever do what you tell them .

Now, we’re definitely not telling you to pay attention to someone’s zodiac sign before hiring it (it just wouldn’t be fair) but know that stars and planets can help us spot the most disobedient signs . How about: is today ‘s ranking worth checking out , so you can save yourself some trouble?

Aquarius: fifth place

Impossible to try to make an Aquarius do what you want: no, it will always be done only as they want !
Although those born under the sign of Aquarius are people who do not tolerate the slightest hint of disobedience from others, with them we cannot really talk about discipline .

Aquarius is a sign that does what he wants and when he wants: he is unable to respect rules or stakes , no matter how many times you remind him.
The reason? Simply Aquarians are convinced that they are the most “right” people on the face of the earth. Impossible to win with them!

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Virgo: fourth place

Although they are people who, often and willingly, can seem extremely loyal to the rules , we absolutely must put the dots on the i’s.
Those born under the sign of Virgo can be truly disobedient when they want!
This is a sign that he only follows the rules when he can benefit from them in some way: it is no surprise to find him doing his own thing, as he wants and when he wants!

Virgo is a truly disobedient sign  when it suits them .
She will always make a big fuss if she has to obey some rules and she will try, in every way, to ” stir up” others against you as well .
You just have to hope you are on the same page !

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Gemini: third place

Even those born under the sign of Gemini can be truly disobedient: but after all, we expected that, right?
The Gemini , in fact, are people who do not submit to any rule other than the one they establish .
This is why they feel they can do as they want in life and often find themselves hurting or embarrassing others !

The Gemini , unfortunately, are like this: there is only their law and that of no one else. For Gemini , therefore, disobeying is natural – they don’t even wonder why they do it!
In short: Gemini are among the most disobedient signs of the zodiac but they are certainly not the only ones. Who will be even more disobedient than them?

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Sagittarius: second place

Impossible to ask a Sagittarius to obey : they will never do it, not even by accident!
Those born under this sign are extremely kind and empathetic people , capable of great gestures of love and affection towards others.
Too bad for a small detail : they are truly disobedient , the kind that make your hair stand on end!

The Sagittarius , in fact, will always do what he wants and in the way he wants: indeed, he will make you even more angry by smiling kindly when you ask him to respect the rules !
They will never tell you that you are right and, above all, they will never follow your rules but always and only their own heart.

Sagittarians , in fact, are decidedly disobedient people, who deal with others in a disarming way . In short: to make a Sagittarius do what he wants you will have to really put a lot of effort. He will make you believe that he has listened to you but, deep down, he will show you that he can be really stubborn!

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Taurus: first place in the ranking of the most disobedient signs of the zodiac

Have you ever talked to someone born under the sign of Taurus ? You may have realized that conversations with them all (or almost all) focus on the perfect way to do something.
The way to use the shampoo and then the conditioner , the perfect minutes to cook a soft- boiled egg , how often you need to change the sheets per week and so on.
The reason? Taurus is one of those signs that lives according to very strict rules of behavior and would like everyone to live like him!

In reality, however, Taurus is also a sign of those who really put others in difficulty since it does not recognize the authority of other people. For him, it’s just a matter of luck or timing if there are other people in leadership positions who allow themselves to tell him what to do and how.

What happens then? The Taurus becomes a real loner as well as, it should be said, extremely disobedient .
He will criticize your every move or thought and laugh at your back at your rules: there is hardly anyone who can make him respect what needs to be done!

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