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Is your partner one of the five most faithful zodiac signs when they fall in love? Better find out now with today’s horoscope ranking!

Who has never dreamed of unique and all-encompassing love, with an adoring partner who kisses (almost literally) the ground on which we walk?
Ok, okay: maybe we have exaggerated a little but admit it: you too would like to have a partner who has no eyes for anyone but you!

Nothing wrong with everyone, sooner or later, we get ” distracted ” by another person, especially if relationships are long.
Hey, no, we’re not talking about cheating but simply making sweet eyes at someone on the bus or being struck by the beauty of a passer-by.
Well: do you know that the horoscope knows the five signs that do not raise their eyes to anyone when they are truly in love?

The most faithful signs when they fall in love: here is today’s horoscope ranking

Do not talk to those born under these zodiac signs about other people than their partners: they have neither eyes nor ears for anyone!
There are people who as soon as they fall in love become practically deaf and blind: a big problem, especially for those who have to keep dealing with it!

Of course, we joke with everyone when we fall in love, we end up having no eyes except for our partner.
This is not something particular: it is the very foundation of love! At least for the first time, of course.
Then, again, it takes over the normal: however much you love your partner, but that does not mean that you can not even get to pick a crush!
(Assuming and granted that your partner can do the same: the important thing is not to betray and maintain your individuality without hurting others !).

Stars and planets, on the other hand, can tell us which are the zodiac signs that remain most faithful when they fall in love.
These are people who wouldn’t even look at another person, let alone think about it!
Aren’t you curious to find out if your partner is in the rankings?

Pisces: fifth place

More than faithful we could say that those born under the sign of Pisces are among the people most capable of loving among the zodiac signs. For them, the partner is their whole world: they would never dream of cheating on him but precisely because they have no idea that even this possibility exists!

The Pisces is among the Zodiacal signs most faithful of all: fans, always ready to weave the praises of its partners and terrified that might lose him.
Instead of exposing themselves to risk, Pisces prefer to be as faithful as possible: they hope, in this way, to generate the same attitude in their partner!

Aquarius: fourth place

Despite being a decidedly individualistic sign when he wants to, Aquarius is also extremely capable of making great sacrifices.
We don’t want to say that being faithful is a sacrifice but, of course, it is not something easy, especially if we are talking about relationships that last years.

The aquarium, however, knows exactly what they want from life and struggling with all their might to get it. For them, proving to their partner that they can be faithful in any circumstance and after years is essential to feel good with others and with themselves!

Cancer: third place

Have you ever met a Cancer in love? The answer is probably not if you have never known anyone to speak only and always the right partner.
Those born under the sign of Cancer, when they are in love, are just like that: they would never stop talking about their partner and inserting him in any discussion!

If this wasn’t enough, to explain their third place in the ranking of the most faithful signs when they fall in love, just know that those born under the sign of Cancer consider the partner one of their best friends.
For them there is only honesty and transparency in a relationship: they confide in their partner every thought and they do not mind putting him aside from any little mental “escapade”. The reason? The Cancer believes in honesty and loyalty: you always know what you know too!

Capricorn: second place

However gruff and clumsy they may seem and however incapable they are to express their feelings, we must break a spear in defense of those born under the sign of Capricorn.
They are among the most loyal people you will ever know, especially when they are in love!

The Capricorn is one of those signs that brings an absurd loyalty to its partners and also to their former such.
He would never allow himself to speak ill of it, to reveal its secrets and defects: quite the contrary! The Capricorn is a sign that makes the silence its strength and, through this characteristic, often unable to extricate herself out of trouble in the most complicated situations!

Of course: those born under the sign of Capricorn often have an intriguing personality, not very ” protagonist ” but which attracts a lot.
Under Capricorn likes to flirt and it can happen to attract attention ” wrong “: no one and nothing, however, come between them and their partners. They are too ” snobbish ” and loyal to let you take such an important place!

Leo: First place in the ranking of the most faithful signs when they fall in love

Dear friends of Leo, the time has come to admit what is, at the same time, your greatest weakness and your greatest strength.
You are the people loyal on the face of the earth, to the very limit of the disease, but why do not you go proud of?

Those born under the sign of Leo find fidelity and loyalty to be two of the most important characteristics in the world. Not only do they expect them, in large quantities, from others, but they also make sure to assure them for the people they love. You will never see them like or compliment other people when they are in love!

Let’s say that the Leos ” sin ” exacerbates this characteristic by arriving at truly absurd behavior. They refuse to talk to people they might find attractive, suddenly become silent, and repress their emotions. Dear Leo, yes, you are the most faithful sign of love but remember that transparency is better than a wall of silence!

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